8 Best Juicer Machine Reviews 2024: A Complete Guide on Juicer Machine

Best Juicer Machine Reviews

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Seems you will be busy on Juicing? No problem I’m staying with you.  I think you will take the benefit of juice in your daily life. Yes! You are in the right verdict.  This is whey you need the best Juicer machine for your kitchen.

If you read the full article you will come to know all the important matter of juicer machine. Here, I share a complete buying guide and review on popular juicer machine that none one share this type of information. I’m a habit to study Juicer machine as well as other kitchen product. I have shared my knowledge and experience through all this presentation. So, You will get massive information and data on top juicer Machine. Let’s we start the fact.

8 Popular Juicer Machine Reviews and Buying Guide.

Here I have discussed on top 7 juicer machine from the best and popular brand which is serving their service from the very beginning. The famous Juicer machine brand is Omega, Waring, Breville, and Tribest.

1. Omega 8005 Juicer Machine:

Omega 8005 Juicer MachineThe Omega 8005 is the most popular Juicer Machine from OMEGA family. The Omega 8005 juicer is a masticating style single-auger juice extractor that is capable of extracting juice from fruits, vegetables, and wheatgrass. The juicer is also known as the Nutrition Center as it also functions as a food processor, pasta extruder, homogenizer, and grinder, making it a value-for-money kitchen appliance.  The Omega 8004 also has a reverse function that eliminates any chance of the auger clogging up.

As a juicer, the Omega, which measures 14.5 x 16.5 x 8.5 inches (height x length x width) and weighs 17 lbs, utilizes a dual-stage juicing system that ensures maximum extraction efficiency. Produce is crushed by the auger, which turns at a speed of 80rpm, before it is pressed through a mesh screen. Compared to high-speed centrifugal juicers, this ensures better preservation of nutrients and flavor in the resulting juice. A plastic body painted with a silver chrome finish ensures that the juicer is easy to clean and move around.

Makes Continuous Juicing Possible

Users of the Omega juicer gave it favorable reviews. One of the reasons for general approval was that the easy-to-use juicer could continually eject pulp into a separate bin and allow the user to juice continuously. Users were happy that they didn’t have to stop juicing periodically to remove the pulp collected.

In addition to continuous juicing, the Omega won review writers over thanks to its juicing efficiency. The pulp extracted was very dry, indicating that the maximal amount of juice had been extracted. The dual-stage extraction also ensured that very little pulp made its way into the resulting juice, and the slower rotating motion of the single-gear auger produced less foam and juice with a better consistency. People who used the Omega also felt that the juice tasted better than that extracted by a centrifugal juicer.

Multiple Functions, Easy To Clean

More than one review writer who used the Omega found the built-in reverse feature useful as it allowed food to be removed and feed into the juicer again, which prevented the auger from clogging up. The single-gear system also meant that the juicer ran very quietly, making it a boon for juicers who juiced early in the morning. Users also liked how the weight of the juicer was substantial but not too heavy due to the heavy-duty plastic and that it had a small footprint that made it ideal for permanent countertop placement.

In addition to its sturdy construction, users found that the juicer was extremely durable, standing up to years of daily use without breaking or slowing down. People who owned the Omega also thought its multi-functionality was a nice feature, and that cleaning it was easy. All it needs is a quick rinse, and the small screen is easy to brush clean.

Food Chute May Be Too Small For Some

Some people felt that the food chute of the Omega juicer was too small to accommodate whole produce. They found it somewhat of an annoyance to have to cut up carrots and apples so that they fit into the chute, and that the time spent chopping produce was a hindrance.

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2. Omega J8003 Nutrition Center Single-Gear Commercial Masticating Juicer

Omega J8003 is another Popular  Juicer Machine as my experience. The Omega 8003 is a single-gear masticating juicer that runs on a 1/3 HP single-phase induction motor and promises a higher juice yield and continuous juicing action.

Measuring 14.5 x 6.5 x 15.5 inches (height x width x length) and weighing 16 lbs, the Omega utilizes an automatic pulp-ejection function to ensure its 80 rpm auger never becomes clogged with pulp. A reverse mode that allows retrieval of stuck food further ensures that clogging won’t take place.

Combined with a dual-stage juicing system that crushes and presses produce through a screen, juice enthusiasts can look forward to clean, clear juice of an even consistency. The low speed means that no heat is transferred to the juice, thus ensuring that vital nutrients and enzymes stay intact.

Not only can it handle fruits, vegetables, wheatgrass and leafy green, the Omega functions as a pasta extruder, food processor, grinder and homogenizer. The ease with which it can be assembled, used and cleaned makes it an ideal addition to any juice enthusiast’s kitchen.

Extracts More Juice More Thoroughly

People who used the Omega 8003 were pleased to find that the mastication extraction process actually did extract more juice from produce as promised. A number of review writers felt that the 80-rpm auger speed was instrumental in ensuring maximum extraction efficiency. The low operation speed of the Omega also meant that it was a very quiet appliance.

The crushed produce that was passed through the two stainless steel screens was ejected through the open end of the juicer in the form of very dry pulp. For many owners, extraction efficiency was an economically viable feature, as they didn’t have to buy as much produce to extract the same amount of juice as would be required by a centrifugal juicer. Users were further pleased that, due to the crushing action, the juicer was able to handle both fleshy and fibrous produce without the auger jamming or clogging up as other juicers might.

Provides Better Juice, Is Easier To Clean

Owners of the Omega observed that the juice extracted underwent less oxidation than that extracted by a centrifugal juicer, and felt cooler as well. Juice drinkers attributed this to the Omega’s slower juicing action, which they felt was better at conserving vital nutrients in the juice, and conferred a fresher, brighter taste to the drink. The lack of foam due to the slow extraction was another welcome feature.

Those who also used the Omega’s other functions were pleased with its versatility and portability, thanks to the unobtrusive, built-in carrying handle, which allowed the 16 lbs juicer to be moved easily. To add to the convenience, they also thought that the juicer was easy to disassemble for easy cleaning.

Juicing Can Be Slow, Food Chute Too Narrow

Some users felt that the juicing speed of the Omega was much too slow for their liking, while others felt that the food chute was too narrow. The result of this feature was that produce had to be cut to fit into the chute, which translated into a longer time spent juicing.

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3. Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Masticating Juicer

Omega J8006 Nutrition CenterThe Omega juicer is one of the few juicers that have received Underwriters Laboratories and Canadian UL approval. Designed for those who appreciate a good cup of juice, the Omega is easy to use and operates with a powerful commercial motor.

The masticating juicer, which measures 14.5 x 6.5 x 15.5 inches (length x width x height), weighs a mere 16.4 lbs and promises durability and a near-silent operation. The juicer’s automatic pulp-ejection function also facilitates continuous juicing.

Its low rotation speed of 80-rpm may seem insignificant, but it is this very feature that ensures thorough mastication of the fruits and vegetables it processes. This allows full extraction of all the vitamins and minerals that make juice drinks so appealing.

The low rotation speed maintains low temperatures to keep vital enzymes active while also preventing foaming and clogging of the blades. The Omega’s dual-stage juicing system ensures maximum extraction efficiency, making for high juice yield and especially dry pulp.

Extremely High, Thorough Juice Output

Fans of the Omega juicer noted that the patented auger made a big difference when it came to juice output as compared to other types of juicers. One review writer found that the dual-stage design produced a much higher volume of clear apple juice that was completely free of pulp. The juice was also less exposed to air thanks to the low motor speed. This resulted in less oxidation and a slower “browning” process. As promised, the resulting juice was also less foamy.

As the feed chute is rather narrow, fruit has to be cut into smaller slices before being fed into the juicer. Users of the Omega masticator found that this allowed for a higher rate of juice extraction. The designers of the Omega juicer also took into account the possibility of a food item becoming stuck in the extraction tube. As such, they designed the auger to be reversible and controlled by the power switch in the back of the appliance.

Easy Cleanup, Quiet Operation

Quite a few review writers praised the Omega for being very easy to clean. Cleaning up was a quick process as the parts are small and smooth. This was especially convenient, as food wouldn’t become stuck in hidden nooks and crannies. While sturdy and durable, the machine is also compact, so it didn’t take up a lot of space on users’ kitchen counters.

Aside from being extremely quiet, its low rpm speed also means that it can juice both hard and soft produce, which adds variety to a juice aficionado’s diet. Users found that even though the extraction process was slow, it helped to preserve the vitamins, minerals and enzymes in the juices extracted. In addition to maximum extraction efficiency, the juice extracted also looked brighter, cleaner and possessed flavours with more nuance and depth than that extracted by other juicers.

Plastic Shavings May Cause Worry

Some users were alarmed when they found nicks and scratches on the auger during cleaning. The part is made from a very strong, amorphous thermoplastic polyetherimide that offer high heat and chemical resistance, and users felt squeamish at the thought of having ingested the substance. However, plastic shavings were not evident in the juice produced, and subsequent damage did not appear on the auger with subsequent use.

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4.Waring PCJ2 Citrus Juicer:

Waring PCJ2 Citrus JuicerThe Waring citrus juicer is a heavy-duty appliance capable of juicing all citrus fruits. A sturdy weighted metal base prevents the juicer from moving around while in use while its rubber feet absorb vibrations to prevent it from slipping and scratching countertops.

Some might say it operates slowly, but this 9 lbs citrus juicer packs enough power to make sure it extracts the juice from even the largest grapefruit. The juice bowl and reamer are dishwasher-safe and can be lifted off the base for easy cleaning. The design of the juicer is such that most of the pulp collects in the reamer basket, allowing users to add as much of it to their glass as they like.

The spout of the juice bowl is angled so that it pours directly into a waiting container with a capacity of up to 12 ounces. The reamer itself can be adjusted so that both left and right-handed juice enthusiasts can use the juicer.

powerful Motor Enables Slow, Thorough Juicing

People who used the Waring found that, although it juiced slowly, the process was thorough and extracted the maximum amount of juice possible from all manner of citrus fruits, even dried ones. Many review writers found that the pulp-retaining abilities of the reamer basket lived up to expectations, and the open design made it easy to add more pulp to a glass of juice if desired. The long power cord was also welcome, as it didn’t restrict that area in which the juicer could be used.

Owners of the Waring also found that true to the manufacturer’s promise, the heavy metal base, and rubber feet did a good job of absorbing vibrations and preventing slippage. One of the features that review writers especially liked was how powerful the motor was. A user found that it didn’t slow down no matter how much pressure she applied on the reamer while juicing an orange.

Takes Up Very Little Space, Easy To Clean

Not only did the juicer extract a lot of juice from fruits, but the height of its spout also allows most beverage containers to be placed under it to collect the resulting juice. Left-handed juice enthusiasts also found it convenient to be able to switch the direction of the spout so that it didn’t impede access to the power switch. It also has a small footprint and takes up a minimal amount of space on kitchen counters.

The citrus juicer was also easy to clean. The basket in which pulp collected wasn’t a problem as it had few sharp angles or crevices in which pulp could accumulate. The only parts that needed cleaning were dishwasher safe, and users found that the basket assembly was easy to remove, even while the motor was still running.

Unsuitable For Heavy, Frequent Use

The Waring juicer is built for durability, but may not be the best citrus juicer for those who juice several times daily. A common complaint is that the reamer begins to slip off the plastic center post after a year due to heavy usage. However, such complaints have not been recorded by those who only use the juicer occasionally.

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5.Breville BJE200XL 700-Watt Compact Juice

Breville BJE200XL 700-Watt Compact Juicemeasuring 9.5 x 8.8 x 16 inches (width x diameter x height) and weighing 21 lbs, the Breville compact juice fountain is a heavy-duty juicer ideal for kitchens with limited space. A centered knife assembly rotating at 14,000 rpm, powered by a 700W motor, ensures that the Juice Fountain produces 8 ounces of juice in as little as 5 seconds.

The stabilizing dual-knife assembly centers produce over the cutter and filter to ensure they’re minced and forced against the stainless steel micro mesh filter. Not only is it strong enough to juice a pineapple with the rind on, but the speed and positioning also increase juice volume by up to 30% and works 10 times faster than other juicers.

The extra-wide feeding chute also enables users to feed in whole apples and cuts down on preparation time. The accompanying pulp container is large and easy to assemble, while all removable parts are dishwasher safe; a custom cleaning brush is available for those who prefer cleaning the juicer by hand.

Powerful Motor, Quiet Operation, Clever Design

The powerful motor impressed people who used the Breville. One review writer was impressed yet intimidated by how she didn’t have to use the producer tamper for any reason other than to cover the top of the juicer. This was done so that any product that was put in wouldn’t shoot back out.

Users were also delighted that the juicer operates very quietly for an appliance with such a powerful motor. The weighted base that dampens the noise also serves to ground the juicer so that it doesn’t vibrate or move when in use. More than one review liked the power plug’s design as well, which was easy to plug and unplug thanks to its molded loop. Others were impressed that the juicer basket was held in place with nothing but magnets, making its removal an easy task.

Provides Efficient, Time-Saving Juicing For More Intense Juice Flavor

Enthusiastic juicers were happy with the 3-inch wide feed chute, which enabled them to fit in whole carrots, beets, and small apples. Not only did they find the juicer easy to use, but they were also pleased that it worked as quickly as the manufacturer promised.

Other than juicing fruits in a shorter time than it does to collect them, the Juice Fountain also has high juicing efficiency; owners found that the resulting pulp was very dry. Users also thought the frothy juice produced had a “greener” and more intense flavor.

In addition to being a good workhorse, the Breville juicer was as easy to clean as advertised. The appliance could be taken apart quickly for cleaning and put back together in the same short span of time. One user found that it took 2 minutes at most to clean the juicer by hand, a boon for those who don’t have a dishwasher.

Doesn’t Work As Well with Softer Fruit

While the juicer does an extremely fine job of juicing things like celery, carrots, apples, and oranges, it does not fare as well with softer fruits like berries. One disappointed review writer found that the juicer’s fast, but non-adjustable speed meant that softer fruit would hit the blade assembly and bounce off intact. The motion of the fruit combined with the juicer’s spinning action causes profuse leakage around the base and cover, resulting in quite a mess.

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6.Breville JE95XL Two-Speed Juice Fountain

Breville JE95XL Two-Speed Juice FountainOne thing any owner can expect from a Breville juicer is power, and the Juice Fountain Plus is no exception. The juicer measures 18.2 x 13.2 x 10.2 inches (height x width x diameter), weighs 14.1 lbs, and is powered by an 850W, 14,000-rpm motor. Electronic control maintains one of the juicer’s two speeds under varying produce loads to maximize juice extraction.

The Breville can produce 8 ounces of juice in less than 5 seconds, and the stainless steel micromesh filter keeps all pulp and seeds out of the juice. The juicer’s extra-large feed chute accommodates whole fruit and vegetables to reduce time spent cutting and dicing drastically. Even soft fruits get a fair shake, as it also functions as a low enough speed to extract juices thoroughly.

Other than the motor, the juicer is completely dishwasher-safe. The 1 L juice pitcher that accompanies it delivers a smooth drink thanks to the froth separator, and a 2.5 L removable pulp container makes pulp disposal a snap.

Juices Hard and Soft Fruit Efficiently, Clever Design

People who used the Juice Fountain Plus were happy with the high and low speeds offered. One review writer, who preferred juicing soft fruit more than hard, was especially pleased with the lower speed option.

Users liked how the juicer was stable, not moving around when in use, thanks to the motor speeding up gradually rather than starting at full speed when switched on. The electrical plug was praised for its design, which made it easy to access even on a crowded countertop. The Breville also had a small footprint despite its height, which made it convenient for daily use.

Review writers also liked the improved lid on the pitcher. They found it convenient to keep the lid on while juicing so that no juice was wasted. One safety feature many users appreciated was how the motor wouldn’t run if the relevant parts weren’t locked together.

Produces Smooth Juice With Dry Pulp

The juice produced won much praise. Many a review felt that it was much smoother thanks to the micromesh filter. One owner thought that the foam separator was unnecessary, as the foam produced wasn’t overwhelming. Users also liked the time saved by the wide feed chute. Juicing efficiency was also good, as the leftover pulp was dry enough to be used for cooking or composting without adding extra moisture.

Cleaning the juicer also posed no problem as the mesh basket came out with no trouble at all. It also didn’t have a rim that would’ve allowed dirt to accumulate and took 2 minutes to clean, at most. Owners also appreciated how the containers were mostly curved instead of angular, which made it easy to clean out residual juice or pulp.

Softer Fruits Can Prove Challenging, Not Stain-Proof

Although the juicer has a lower speed setting at which softer produce can be juiced, one user found that it did not perform quite to expectations when tomatoes were involved. However, passing the pulp back through the juicer did yield more juice. In addition, despite Breville’s best effort to alleviate stain-potential, the dark-colored plastic cover was easily stained.

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7.Waring Pro JEX328 Health Juice Extractor

Waring Pro JEX328 Health Juice Extractor

The Waring Health juice extractor is a compact appliance with a small footprint that measures 14.2 x 12.5 x 10.8 inches (height x width x diameter) and weighs a mere 8.3 lbs, making it immensely portable and user-friendly. The brushed stainless steel housing not only confers a professional appearance to the juicer, it also ensures that it’s stain-proof and carrots will never be its aesthetic downfall.

A 400W high-speed motor powers the juice extractor and that ensures an efficient extraction process, while a wide feed chute that cuts down on prep time immensely. In addition to the powerful motor, the use of a simple on/off power switch makes the Waring is easy to operate. It also has a die-cast base that ensures stability when in use and cushioned feet to minimize vibration and protect the countertop underneath from being scratched. The Waring’s strainer, pulp collector, juice collector, and lid are dishwasher-safe, further reducing cleanup time.

Efficient Juicing, Short Prep Time

One thing that users especially liked about the Waring juicer was how efficiently it processed firm fruits like apples, pears, and vegetables like carrots. The juicer operated so efficiently that the pulp left behind was virtually bone dry. Review writers who previously had trouble extracting all the juice out of their carrots were especially pleased with this juicer. In addition to the high extraction efficiency, the filter does an exceptional job of straining out the pulp. The resulting drink is thus outstandingly smooth and clear.

Owners of the Waring also liked the big feed tube, as it was instrumental in cutting down the time spent preparing produce for juicing. They found that the Waring’s powerful motor made quick work of any fruit introduced into the tube. The juice extracted was more colourful than that extracted by other juicers and contained an acceptable amount of foam. Additionally, the juice was extremely tasty.

Good Value for Money

People who used this juicer felt that they received good value for the price they paid. They thought that the 400W motor was an excellent and unexpected feature in a juicer that was priced so affordable. This made the juicer an economically effective choice as it was able to deal with several pounds of produce, some of it quite solid and heavy, without any signs of trouble. Aesthetically, it not only looks good but also takes up very little space, making it a good option for cramped countertops.

Despite the solid construction, more than one review writer was pleased to discover how easy it was to clean the juicer. The lid, strainer, pulp collector, juice collector, and pusher could all be cleaned in 3 minutes, or 5 minutes at most. Because of this, users found the dishwasher-safe feature convenient but unneeded. The detachable pulp collector and strainer both need the thorough cleaning, which can be quickly accomplished with a kitchen brush.

Can Leak Occasionally

While the juicer processes firm produces with admirable efficiency, other users noticed that products with high liquid content such as bell peppers or cucumbers tended to cause leaks from the seam at the top of the juicer. Other users reported leaks from the bottom of the juicer with no obvious cause.

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8.Tribest Citristar Electric Citrus Juicer Review

Tribest Citristar Electric Citrus Juicer ReviewThe Tribest Citristar juicer is considered one of the best electric citrus juicers available. Running on a modest 85W motor that ensures minimal noise while providing enough power to thoroughly juice any citrus fruit on the universal reaming cone, the Citristar promises easy, one-touch operation with its automatic start/stop mechanism. The length of the power cord is adjustable for easy storage.

This powerful juicer ensures continuous juicing and that you can pour juice directly into a glass via its stainless steel locking spout. The locking mechanism on the spout prevents drips and keeps countertops clean and dry. Not only that, the juice collector is sloped for maximum juice flow into waiting containers. The stainless steel screen prevents clogging and guarantees that you’ll get your morning OJ quickly.

Eliminates Drips and Wastage

The simple yet ingenious design of the Citristar found approval in more than one review. Users especially liked the way the stainless steel spout could be locked up to prevent juice from dripping onto kitchen counter tops and making a mess. The curve of the spout also meant that juice was directed more accurately into a waiting glass or pitcher, preventing wastage.

The fact that the juicing bowl also tilted toward the spout ensured that a maximum amount of juice made it to the glass. According to one user, the strainer did a fine job of keeping most of the pulp out of the juice, allowing a minimal and tasteful amount through.

As the Tribest has such elegant, effortless construction, cleaning it after use posed no trouble at all. The strainer/filter was easy to clean as it was made of stainless steel, and the other parts that are exposed to juice are easy to lift out, rinse clean, dry and drop back into position. Naturally, review writers who used this juicer every day welcomed the ease with which it could be cleaned.

Powerful Motor, Easy To Store

One common complaint about pressure-sensitive juicers is how the motor stops at the slightest increase in pressure. This is not true of the Tribest Citristar. Users reported that the powerful motor withstood added pressure with no problem, and functioned until all citrus juice was extracted.

One user had to tackle the task of juicing more than 100 oranges and was extremely relieved and pleased that the motor showed no signs of overheating. The weight is relatively heavy for an appliance of the juicer’s size, which ensures stability when the Tribest is in use.

People who bought the Tribest also liked its storage options immensely. The power cord is cleverly concealed inside the base, making the juicer appear even more streamlined. Its height of 9 inches means that the Citristar fits comfortably under any kitchen cabinet and occupies a minimum of space on the kitchen countertop.

Can Clog Up Quickly, Not Dishwasher Safe

Juicing enthusiasts who attempted to juice a large amount of citrus fruit in one go were surprised to find that the spout became clogged with pulp. As such, they felt that the juicer was more ideally suited to casual users or that its strainer should be rinsed often during large-scale operations. In addition, the juicer is not dishwasher safe, therefore can only be hand washed.

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I have tried to explain all the issue through my experience. If you have any asking about this matter please submit your asking on the comment section. I will be available as soon as.

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