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Best Kitchen Pantries

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There is no doubt that the best kitchen pantries will not only make your kitchen look beautiful but also make the entire house conducive. When properly installed in the right location that does not obstruct traffic in the kitchen, a pantry will help you spend less time preparing food and do other chores in the kitchen.  It is with this view that after getting the knowledge on how to equip and decorate their home, most homeowners, do whatever they can to install one of two best pantries in their kitchens. You too can learn how to install one in your kitchen and find exquisite delight in your kitchen.

In order to achieve the goal of installing the right kitchen pantry, I will help you with a few simple yet practical ways. Some of the pointers I will share with you in this article include, what a kitchen pantry is, the benefits of using the perfect kitchen pantries,  how to clean a kitchen pantry, the various types of kitchen pantries in the market, and the top tips of organizing kitchen pantries.

5 Kitchen Pantries from amazon best seller list

Without further ado, let’s start with understanding what a kitchen pantry is.

What Is A Kitchen Pantry?

A kitchen pantry is a small structure with cabinets placed in the kitchen where you can store foodstuffs, drinks, dishes, linen, and other containers and provisions that are used in the kitchen or home. If your house is big enough or has lots of space, a pantry can be a separate room where all the aforementioned things can be stored.

Although you can place anywhere in the house, placing it close to the kitchen makes work easier. Movement in the kitchen especially when cleaning or preparing is made easy,  SIMPLE and QUICK.

Types of Kitchen Pantries

Thanks to modern renovations, there could be many types of kitchen pantries but traditionally, you’d find that there are four main types of kitchen pantries.

  1. The Butler’s Pantry – this is a traditional kitchen pantry. Sometimes referred to as a serving pantry, this is a utility room, rather than a cabinet. However, the room is filled with wooden cabinets. In many Burtler’s pantries, the owners store serving utensils, cleaning tools, materials, and high-value minerals such as silver, gold, and copper.
  2. Asian Pantry – an Asian pantry is also a traditional pantry in Japan. This pantry does not feature a closed design like the pantries in the west. Most families in the East who have these pantries in their homes use them to store several household items.
  3. Hoosier Cabinet – although it has the name cabinet, Hoosier that was originally designed by Hoosier Manufacturing Company, the pantry has become a popular kitchen section from the 1900s.

Hitherto, when a person builds a house in the West, a Hoosier pantry is sold together with the main kitchen. Many western families use the Hoosier pantry to store various stuff, ranging from food, kitchen tools, materials, and cold drinks.

  1. Cold Pantry – it is called Cold Pantry because of its work. Some foodstuffs in the house need to be kept under colder conditions. Food such as mild, eggs and butter need to be kept in ideally conducive environment. As such, a Cold Pantry played an important role long before the invention of refrigerators and continues to play a vital role to date.

The 7 Best Kitchen Pantries Reviewed

Although there may be a number of kitchen pantries you can include in your kitchen, this article focuses on the best seven. These are the pantries my team and I have considered for several months and yes, you don’t want to miss to include even one of them in your kitchen.

1. HOMCOM H 72” Traditional Colonial Freestanding Kitchen Pantry & Cupboard Cabinet

HOMCOM 72" Kitchen Pantry Cabinet, Freestanding Tall Storage Cabinet,...
  • Ample Space: The freestanding pantry has large space with a deep,...
  • Adjustable Shelving: Featuring 4 shelves with the top fixed and...
  • Traditional Pantry: With its unique beadboard panel and antique...
  • Safety Comes First: Constructed from good-quality P2 grade...
  • Kitchen Cabinet Information: Overall Size: 30" W x 16" D x 72" H,...
Dimensions15.75″D x 30″W x 72″H
MaterialEngineered Wood
Mounting TypeSurface Mount
Item Weight‎112 pounds
Number of Drawers
Number of DoorsYes
Number of Shelves3

Sometimes, not all modern items show elegance. Some of the colonial items such as artifacts retain impeccable elegance. That is exactly what HOMCOM H 72” Freestanding Pantry Kitchen Cabinet stands for.

The pantry will definitely add splendor, whimsy, and exquisite charm to the kitchen thanks to its display and ample storage space.

In addition, the pantry stands out with large storage drawers that can hold as many buckets and baskets as possible. Inside these large storage drawers, you can store various silverware, towels, and knick-knacks.

The other good thing that you will love about this pantry is it comes with three spacious and adjustable shelves. Thanks to their adjustability, you can decide to remodel or remove them and replace them with one large space that will help you store large items.

Notable features

  • Three adjustable shelves.
  • Built using P2 wood.
  • Large storage drawers.
  • Colonial aesthetic design.
  • You can easily and quickly adjust the design of the pantry thanks to the adjustable shelves.
  • The large drawer space make it easy to store as many large stuffs as possible.
  • It stands out tall and elegant in the kitchen thanks to the P2 type of wood and the designs.
  • It is durable thanks to the materials used to make it.
  • You can use the pantry to store as many different things as you want.
  • It is hard to repair it using the same type of wood in case it breaks.
  • Needs a raised house to stand fit.

2. Nantucket Distressed Black Pantry

HOMCOM 72" Kitchen Pantry Cabinet, Freestanding Tall Storage Cabinet,...
  • Ample Space: The freestanding pantry has large space with a deep,...
  • Adjustable Shelving: Featuring 4 shelves with the top fixed and...
  • Traditional Pantry: With its unique beadboard panel and antique...
  • Safety Comes First: Constructed from good-quality P2 grade...
  • Kitchen Cabinet Information: Overall Size: 30" W x 16" D x 72" H,...
Dimensions16″D x 30″W x 72″H
BrandHome Styles
Finish TypePainted
Item Weight‎134.7 pounds
Number of DrawersYes
Number of DoorsYes
Number of Shelves4

Home Styles’ Nantucket Distressed Black Kitchen Pantry is one of the notable kitchen pantries in the market today with traditional black and white colors.

Thanks to the black finish, the pantry stands out to be the most elegant masterpiece in the kitchen when fixed nicely. To ensure the look is exceptional, the pantry is sanded nicely using the finest sandpaper before it is painted.

The pantry is fitted with two cabinet doors. Each door contains 2 shelves, which are adjustable. In addition, Nantucket Distressed Pantry comes with brushed nickel hardware that makes it one of the durable kitchen pantries today.

Before you can use it, you need to know how to install the pantry. However, the good thing is you don’t need to have special knowledge to know how to install it. You need to follow the simple and elaborate installation guidelines on the attached user’s manual.

Notable features

  • Constructed using strong hardwood.
  • Sanded with the finest yet distressed black finish.
  • The unit measures 30 inches by 16 inches by 71 inches deep.
  • Total item weight is 146 pounds.
  • Easy to follow installation instructions.
  • Comes in a fine and nice black and white finish.
  • Made from genuine hardwood that does not give you any hardship when cleaning.
  • Ample and spacious storage space (storage drawer, 2 adjustable shelves, and two cabinet doors).
  • The multiple holes for pins are a plus.
  • It is gorgeous and stands out great in a well-organized kitchen.
  • The magnet closure on the doors is very simple.
  • Some holes come misdrilled.

3. Americana Distressed Oak Pantry

Homestyles Storage Pantry with Drawer and Adjustable Shelves 72 Inches...
  • Two cabinets with four adjustable shelves accommodate food,...
  • Distressed oak finish creates an aged, well-worn and unique...
  • Antique nickel finish on hardware is extremely durable and...
  • Hardwood is incredibly strong, easy to clean and maintains its...
  • Some assembly required using our easy-to-understand directions.
Dimensions16″D x 30″W x 72″H
BrandHome Styles
Mounting Type
Item Weight‎123.2 pounds
Number of Shelves2

This is the second time Home Styles’ pantry is appearing on our list. It means that the company is doing all it can to give you some of the top kitchen pantries you can rely one.

Like number 2 above, Americana Distressed Kitchen Pantry is extremely easy to install. Besides, it has almost the same size as number two above. The only difference in size is less than 30 inches.

To assemble it, you need a space that measures 30 inches by 16 inches by 72 inches.

The pantry is made of quality hardwood solids, which are covered using veneers, which give the pantry the elegant look.

At the top of the pantry, you will quickly notice a diamond shape, which makes it stand out among other best kitchen pantries made by Home Styles.

The pantry’s wooded doors are raised in a manner that makes it easy to open and close this kitchen store.

To accommodate small and large items alike, the pantry comes with large shelves. In addition, the pantry gives you the liberty to remove the shelves and modify the interior space as much as you want.

Notable features

  • Distressed oak featuring multi-steps.
  • Requires assembly.
  • Diamond-shaped carvings at the top of the pantry.
  • Raised panel doors that are made of wood.
  • Made of hardwood but covered using veneers.
  • Easy to install.
  • Well constructed.
  • Nice and elegant thanks to the diamond-shaped carvings.
  • Accommodates large and small kitchen items.
  • Stands out large with the ability to carry many items
  • You can adjust the shelves to suit your preference.
  • Nice veneer finish that gives you the ideal looks in the kitchen.
  • The wood panel doors appear handsomely made.
  • Heavy because it is entirely made from manmade hardwood.

3. Sauder Summer Home Pantry

Sauder Summer Home Pantry, Carolina Oak finish
  • idden storage behind door
  • Three adjustable shelves
  • Carolina Oak finish
  • Engineered wood construction
  • Assembled dimensions: L: 21.50" x W: 14.49" x H: 61.10"
Dimensions14.49″D x 21.5″W x 61.1″H
MaterialOak Wood
Mounting Type
Item Weight‎83 pounds
ShelvesInterior shelve

If you want a rustic addition to your kitchen, look no further than this kitchen cabinet from Sauder. This home pantry comes in a compact size. It will not take too much space in your kitchen. However, it will fit everything you need it to, and more. The Carolina oak finish gives it a timeless look and a durable feel.

Sauder Summer Home Pantry is 21 inches in length, 14 inches in width and 61 inches in height. You can fit this home pantry even in a small kitchen. It has 3 shelves that you can adjust depending on the need. Made from engineered Carolina oak wood, this not only makes best kitchen pantry but also a sustainable art.

Notable features

  • Made using engineered wood.
  • Uses hardwood Carolina oak wood.
  • 21” by 14” by 61” dimensions.
  • Three adjustable shelves behind the door.
  • Rustic, plain wood finish.
  • It is made from engineered wood, which is a composite of leftover wood trimmings, making this a green product.
  • Features a plain wood finish that fits any home décor style from farm rustic to contemporary.
  • Compact size fits any size of kitchen without overcrowding even the smaller ones.
  • Adds extra storage space for kitchens without enough cabinets to fit all containers.
  • Has a door to maintain privacy and increase the orderliness of your kitchen.
  • Three adjustable shelves give you the freedom to store different container sizes in the home pantry.
  • Requires a bit of assembly to set up which might be challenging.
  • The door uses magnets to shut and these might get lost.

5. HOMCOM Traditional Pantry Cabinet

HOMCOM 72" Kitchen Pantry Cabinet, Traditional Freestanding Storage...
  • Ample Space: The freestanding pantry has large space with a deep,...
  • Adjustable Shelving: Featuring 4 shelves with the top fixed and...
  • Traditional Pantry: With its shaker style panel and antique...
  • Safety Comes First: Constructed from good-quality P2 grade...
  • Kitchen Cabinet Information: Overall Size: 30" W x 16" D x 72.5"...
Dimensions16″D x 30″W x 72.5″H
MaterialEngineered Wood
Mounting TypeFloor Mount
Item Weight‎‎117 pounds
Number of ShelvesYes

The Homcom Freestanding Kitchen Cupboard is one of the best-rated kitchen pantries. It is designed in a timeless, colonial aesthetic. Adding it to your kitchen will make an eye-catching piece even in the plainest of decors. You can put this kitchen pantry anywhere in order to maximize the space in any room.

This home pantry offers you multiple storage options. It has double doors at the top and bottom. A large drawer separates these where you can put your cutlery. The double doors cover 3 shelves at the top and bottom. Four of the shelves are adjustable depending on what you want to store.

Notable features

  • Constructed from engineered wood.
  • Recessed door panels.
  • 16” by 30” by 72.5” with a 220 pound capacity.
  • 2 fixed shelves.
  • 4 adjustable shelves.
  • One large drawer separating the top from the bottom.
  • Has a reinforced back for stability.
  • Comes with wall attachments.
  • Recessed cabinet doors with a brushed finish make for a beautiful addition to any kitchen.
  • 4 adjustable shelves allow you flexibility as to the size of containers you store.
  • Has a large drawer where you can store things like cutlery or packets of spices.
  • The reinforced backboard and wall attachments maintain the home pantry in a vertical position and it from coming apart.
  • Made from engineered MDF wood which is a sustainable option.
  • Requires assembly, and with the different parts this might be hard for some users.
  • There are spaces between the cabinet doors and drawer, which can be unappealing.

6. Crosley Furniture Kitchen Pantry

Crosley Furniture Seaside Kitchen Pantry Cabinet - Distressed Black
  • Classic design featuring bead board panels
  • Veneer construction
  • Two large cabinets with adjustable shelves
  • Deep, easy-glide storage drawer
  • Genuine metal hardware
Dimensions30″D x 72″W x 16″H
BrandCrosley Furniture
Mounting TypeShabby Chic
Item Weight‎114 pounds
Number of Shelves6

This kitchen pantry from Crosley Furniture is another timeless addition to your kitchen. It is made from solid hardwood bead boards, which are highly durable. A wooden veneer for a classy finish covers the bead boards. It will fit in anywhere and add a relaxed, beach vibe to any room. There is no doubt that this is one of the leading kitchen pantries out there.

Your storage space is maximized by this kitchen pantry. It comes with double doors at the top and bottom of the cabinet. Separating the two parts is a drawer with metallic handles.  The drawer slides in and out easily so that you do not wreck the cabinet. The shelves are adjustable so you can store different sizes of containers to keep your kitchen free of clutter.

Notable features

  • Made of solid hardwood.
  • Bead boards glued together give a beach vibe.
  • Has a sliding drawer for extra storage.
  • 2 double doors at the top and bottom.
  • Adjustable shelves.
  • Wall attachments.
  • Metallic handles.
  • Features a beachside design that will add a homey feel to any room.
  • Solid hardwood construction makes this a sturdy piece of furniture that can handle storing even heavy items
  • Multiple storage options like the drawer give you more room to properly reduce clutter in your kitchen
  • Metallic handles are durable and do not come off easily.
  • It comes with wall attachments to secure it in place, which prevents it from wobbling or coming apart after assembly
  • Assembly can be time-consuming and difficult.
  • Plastic hinges make the doors feel flimsy.

7.Hodedah 4 Door Kitchen Pantry

Hodedah 4 Door Kitchen Pantry with Four Shelves, Beech
7,061 Reviews
Hodedah 4 Door Kitchen Pantry with Four Shelves, Beech
  • Note : To ensure proper assembly, please follow all steps...
  • Four door storage cabinet with four shelves
  • Three adjustable shelves for easy and organized storage
  • Great for extra storage space in kitchen, bathroom, and laundry...
  • Middle fixed shelf acts as a divider for easy assorting and...
Dimensions14.6″D x 23.93″W x 71.69″H
MaterialMahogany Wood
Mounting TypeBirch
Item Weight‎90 pounds
Number of Drawers2
Number of Doors4
Number of Shelves4

This kitchen pantry is designed to enhance the storage in your contemporary kitchen. It is a four-door cabinet. The top two cabinets are smaller than the four at the bottom. This gives you the ability to put larger containers at the bottom. The wooden construction makes this a hardy item to store items in, reducing any clutter around your home.

Three of the shelves are adjustable so you can fit any size of items in them. The middle shelf is fixed for stability and to act as a divider. This is one of the super kitchen pantries because you can use it to store spices, dishes or dry foods. You can put it in your kitchen, dining room or in the living room and it will fit right in.

Notable features

  • Wooden construction.
  • Four door cabinet.
  • 5 compartments.
  • 3 adjustable shelves.
  • Fixed middle drawer.
  • Comes in multiple colors.
  • The four-door construction allows for better access to stored items without the risk of upsetting those in other shelves.
  • Fixed middle shelf acts as a divider so you can adjust the rest of the shelves how you want.
  • Adjustable shelves give you versatility as to the size of items that you can store in the cabinet.
  • Suitable for storing dried foods and kitchen utensils.
  • Design can fit in the living room or dining room without upsetting the déco
  • Instructions for assembly might be difficult to follow for people without experience.
  • Door magnets can be easily lost and leave the shelf doors standing open.

Benefits of Using Kitchen Pantries

It is reasonable to ask why it is important for every modern home needs the best kitchen pantries. Now that you asked that, it would be prudent to go straight to the points – the importance of setting up the proper kitchen pantries in your home.

N.B Before I address the importance of setting up a pantry in your kitchen, here is something you might not have heard. Did you know that in the past, a pantry was a small place in the kitchen where only perishable food was stored? Critics have it that the name pantry originated from a French word ‘pan’, which simply means bread.

Now, let’s look at the benefits of using the best kitchen pantries.

i) Gives you additional storage space – the foremost benefit for setting up a kitchen pantry is to get or enhance your storage space. Without a doubt, some kitchens are very messy especially if they are cluttered with food and several appliances. With a disorganized kitchen, it is easy to misplace and even lose some kitchen tools that would otherwise be found if you arranged your kitchen.

ii) Adds appeal to your kitchen – the kitchen is the heart of every home. The kitchen is considered to be one of the important rooms in a home. When arranged properly, designed using latest technology, and painted using the right choice of colors, everyone would want to see it. That is one of the advantages of using a pantry in your kitchen.

If you finally consider selling your house, there is no doubt that the nicely-arranged kitchen will not only appeal to your clients but also add real value.

iii) Cooking and movement in the kitchen will be easier – can you imagine how rough and tough it would be if you were forced to work or cook from a house that is cluttered? Besides, how would you feel if you are forced to move from the kitchen, where you are supposed to find everything you need to go across the house to find if from a different room?

When the kitchen is fitted with the right size of pantry, stocked and located at the right place, you have no fear of preparing your food from the kitchen. Besides, your cooking is made super easy and fast.

How To Organize Kitchen Pantries In Your Kitchen

I keep saying and will say it again, kitchen pantries are complete game changers in any home where they are set up. Here are a few pantry organization tips you cannot afford to pass:

A.  Put baskets at the lowest and the highest shelves – whatever the shape your pantry takes, you need to take advantage of the fact that you have the pantry in your kitchen. Interior deco experts argue that when baskets are placed on the lower and upper shelves, they add splendor to the room

B. Include pull-out drawers – depending on your pantry, best kitchen pantries are those that feature different types of shelves and drawers. No matter your experience and ability, try to add pull-out drawers to your pantry.

C. Label the containers in your pantry – one of the purposes of putting a pantry in your house is to create space in your kitchen. You wouldn’t want to design a very good pantry in your kitchen yet you cannot find whatever tool or food you need. The easiest way to handle this is to make sure the min containers in the pantry are labeled appropriately.

D. Install frosted doors – even if the pantry has enabled you to arrange a few things in the kitchen, there is no harm in trying to make it even smarter. One ingenious way of doing this is to install a frosted door to your pantry. That way, nobody will know what is inside your best kitchen pantries. Although, there is also need to ensure your pantry has some open space.

E. Add as many glass jars as possible – if you have grains such as rice, cons and other stuff, make sure you dry them up before you store them inside glass jars. Because grains such as beans do not expire easily, it is a good thing to go to a local store or flea market and purchase the stuff in bulk then store them in the glass jars.

F. Fill all tiered shelves – whether you’ve built the shelves by yourself or you have purchased them store your cans and spices on shelves that can allow you to see through.

Video: “Organizeing Kitchen Pantries”

How To Clean Kitchen Pantries

Building better kitchen pantries and maintaining the pantries are two different things. You don’t need to attend any school to know how to clean your kitchen pantry. Here are a few tips to help you clean your best kitchen pantry:

Clean a Shelf at a Time

Good cleaning is done systematically. Do not lie to yourself that the best way to address your kitchen pantry problem is to start from anywhere or completing the task by cleaning all the shelves at the same time.

Start by cleaning one pantry shelf at a time. once you are done cleaning one shelf, make sure it is dry before you move to the other.

Throw out Anything You Don’t Need

Proper cleaning and organizations tips dictate that when cleaning, you get rid of anything that might have found its way to the pantry that you do not need. There is no need of cleaning things that you deem fit for throwing away.

Wipe the Shelves Using a Damp Cloth

Upon emptying the pantry, it is time to clean the shelves using a damp cloth. You can decide to use disinfectants that are mild or friendly to any food that you will put in the pantry.

You can decide to wipe the shelves, as many times as you want until you are sure the entire pantry is clean and fit for returning the items into it.

Clean all Containers

As mentioned earlier, your pantry might be carrying foodstuffs and some tools that you use in the kitchen. When cleaning and reorganizing your pantry, ensure you clean all the buckets, jars, and baskets that may or may have not be in use in the past two to three months. That way, all the items in the pantry will be clean at all times.

Organize Your Pantry

After you’ve ensured that your pantry is clean to your satisfaction, you let air to circulate in your pantry for a few minutes after which you can now embark on reorganizing your pantry.

Starting with bulky stuff, reorganize your pantry, as you desire. By now, your pantry is one of the excellent kitchen pantries that everyone would want to own.

Video: “Cleaning Action of Kitchen Pantries”

Things to Consider Before You Add a Pantry in Your Kitchen

By now, I’m sure you’ve picked a pantry or two that you would want to set up in your kitchen. But before you do so, there are some important things you need to understand. These few yet important things will help you utilize the space in your kitchen as you include this important part in your kitchen.

Available space

Perhaps, you’ve noticed that most pantries set up in the kitchen are either close the entrance of the kitchen or near the hallway that you use to access your kitchen.

Because of that, you need to beware that if you set up a large pantry, perhaps, using long boards or metals, you are likely to obstruct your kitchen’s entry way. If you do not want to cause a jam along the way, create small pantries that can accommodate enough stuff that you need.


In some incidents, you could be alone in the kitchen. However, chances are you have a family and some of the members of your family access and use the kitchen as well. As such, you need to ensure if you are erecting a pantry in your kitchen, it should not hinder family members that use the kitchen.

Besides, when setting up a pantry, try to place it at a place and in a manner that does not deter some of your family members to access the kitchen to prepare their favorite meals as they used to before you set up the pantry.

Cool & Dry Place

I’m sure you’ve seen these words on several occasions. There is reason for that. Setting up your kitchen pantries in a cool and dry place is one of the necessities if you want to succeed. Even if you read books, journals and online contributions on homemaking tips, you will realize that this point has been stressed repeatedly.

There is still need to stress further. Remember the reason why you are setting up the “ideal kitchen pantries”  in your home – to help you store your food and other kitchen stuff you consider important.

When the place you’ve chosen is dry and cool and has the ability to remain so for as you long you will keep the food and other stuff, the better. It would be a shame and a waste of resources to set up the kitchen pantries and stock them with the high-end foodstuffs only for them to contract mold or rust after a few days.

As a rule, don’t place your best kitchen pantry near the source of heat or behind the chimney wall. Don’t do such a mistake!

Storage Equipment & Shelves

While there is no harm in being creative and innovative, it is important to start early. The right time to choose your pantry shelving ideas is when you are setting up your pantry. This is the right time because you wouldn’t want to remove your food after a week, a few months or so to renovate or even add shelves in your pantry.

As early as you can, determine shelf depth and height, something that will help you decide the kinds of food stuffs you want to store in your kitchen pantry.

Renovators argue that prefabricated shelves can give you storage ideas that you might find useful.

Adjustable or sliding shelves, wall racks, free-standing shelves, movable bins, drawers, and other pre-made kitchen storage equipment can help you save a lot of time and space.

Ventilation & Lighting

When the kitchen pantries are set up properly, they are like any other room in the house. As such, these rooms need to have sufficient light and enough ventilation that will bring in the needed air.

Your kitchen pantry should have electric sockets and outlets for lighting and heating whenever needed. Thanks to the electrical outlets, you can easily set up a wine cooler, portable fan and or refrigerator.

With proper ventilation, you can get rid of bad odor that might come from cleaning products or food that might go bad.

Kitchen Pantry FAQs: 

Question: What Items Can I Put In A Pantry?

Answer: Just any food can find its way into the pantry but it is advisable to store canned food, drinks, dry food such as grains, vegetables and unripe fruits, unopened jars, cartons, and cans. In short, any food that does not need immediate refrigeration can be put in a pantry.

Other things you can store in the pantry apart from food include baskets, towels, cutlery, and buckets. All the food and items in the pantry should be clean.

Question: What Must I Not Store in a Pantry?

Answer: The opposite of the above. Do not store meat, dairy products that should be used immediately, opened jars, cartons, cans, and vegetables as well as ripe fruits. Drinks that may go bad or turn sour if opened should be used immediately rather than to be stored in a pantry.

Question: Which Part of The Kitchen Can I place a Pantry?

Answer: You can place a pantry anywhere in the kitchen or close to the kitchen as long as the position meets the following attributes:

  • The place should be cool.
  • The position of the pantry needs to be dry and maintain dryness all the time.
  • It has to be installed at a position that is not direct to sunlight.

Final Thoughts

Whether you have the best kitchen pantries in your house or you use a cupboard instead of a pantry, you can make your kitchen as appealing as you want. With a few renovations and organizational tips I have shared herein, you can make your kitchen look elegant, appealing, and marketable if you decide to give your house to a new owner. Whichever way you’d want your kitchen to be or whatever you use storage space in the kitchen, consider the best kitchen pantry to be one of the important structures in the kitchen.

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