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How to use a fondue pot

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Just like cheese and chocolate which are common with fondue, turns out that meat can also be cooked in a fondue, better known as fondue bourguignonne. The traditional fondue was cheese, whereby the cheese was molten in a fondue pot, from where diners armed with fondue forks would enjoy a communal dipping.

The fondue recipe for meat is quite unlike that of cheese or chocolate fondues. Instead of cheese, a meat fondue uses hot oil or broth. The thinly-sliced meat is first skewered on long forks before being immersed into the hot oil or broth to cook. For today, we shall focus on a fondue recipe for eat.

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What is fondue made of?

Fondue is basically a dish made of melted cheese and wine or brandy. This is the traditional form of fondue as was in Switzerland where it first began in the late ’30s. Chocolate is an alternative for cheese but without the wine or brandy. The list of things you can dip in chocolate is virtually infinite.

You must be wondering if the different fondue pots are able to melt cheese or chocolate and still cook meat properly. We thus arrive at the different types of fondue depending on the main material and means of heating.

The original fondue pots were ceramic pots and were served communally. These pots were large and cook for a group of people.

Currently, product differentiation has given rise to hundreds of fondue pot brands. Among these are specialized pots that are either for chocolate and cheese and others suited for an all-round job. The chocolate fondue pots are ceramic in nature or made of enameled cast iron. These materials retain heat to keep the sauce molten for longer after the flame is put out.

The versatile modern fondue pots, which are mostly electric, can warm and melt, as well as cook meat in oil. They are therefore metallic, mostly stainless steel, are have a temperature control mechanism.

How much meat per person for fondue?

We’ve mentioned that the fondue was traditional and native to Switzerland. The best way to call up the 70’s vibe is by enjoying a communal fondue just like the founders.

Meat, wasn’t originally part of the fondue plan, I suggest, but it later fitted in and is now a common recipe. To get this recipe right you need to serve the attendees sufficient meat. This is unlike the melted chocolate or cheese sauce, which just covers the surface of your dipping; you cook the meat in reasonably higher amounts.

So, how much meat do you need to serve per person? On average, most guests will eat about 1/3 -1/2 pound of meat. Factor in at most 0.5 pounds (225g) per person, then multiply by the total number of diners to arrive at the total amount of meat required. Remember this meat needs to be cut up to bite-size cubes.

If your meat is seafood or fish, 180g per person should be ideal.

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Do you season the meat before fondue?

precooked meatballs, which you then skewer and dip in cheese or chocolate, or whatever sauce that you’re enjoying. In this case, you should do all the seasoning before dipping. That chocolate coat should be the outermost one.

Another way of enjoying fondue meat is by cooking it in a fondue pot, which is also our focus today, regarding a fondue meat recipe. Here you typically use hot oil to get the meat done. Since you have not more than 60 seconds to cook, ensure you have a tender cut. Otherwise, you can season the meat with tenderizers, or marinate in natural tenderizers. You must however wipe off all the liquid before dipping in the hot oil, to avoid hot oil splatters.

After cooking the meat in oil or broth you can have it as is, or season in a sauce or flavorings of your choice.

What meat is best for fondue?

The answer to this question is not definite. You can choose various meats for your fondue for the sweetest results, but you must ensure the meat is sufficiently soft. The cooking window is usually not more than 60 seconds for beef, so you need tender meat.

The ideal cuts for meat fondue are the tenderloin and filet mignon. These cuts can precisely cook to rare, medium, and well-done in 30, 45, and 60 seconds respectively. Nevertheless, such cuts are expensive, which doesn’t auger well with a fondue party. You can opt for budget-friendly cuts, but ensure they’re properly tenderized before fondue cooking them.

If you have chicken instead of beef, go for the skinless and boneless breast. This cut will not only cook fast but also has no fat- remember you must trim all the fat before cooking any meat.

You can then proceed to cook the meat in oil or broth. If not well done, you’ll see some pink color at the center of the meat cubes.

For pork, choose tenderloin cuts or any other with no fat or sinew.

Seafood and fish will also make excellent fondue meat.

Meat fondue broth vs oil

We’ve mentioned above that you can use either oil or broth to cook meat in a fondue pot. There are some situations where either would be good, but in other cases, you may have to use oil for the best results. Some meats will also call for cooking only in broth.

So how do you cook the different meats in both oil and broth fondues? Let’s find out-

Cooking different meats in broth, and oil

  • a. Beef

Beef is quite versatile. It can be cooked in either oil or broth, then served with a chocolate or cheese fondue dip, or a salad if preferred.

Broth fondue

To cook beef in broth, you’ll need to trim the fat and cut up the meat into ¼ or ½-inch strips. Bring the broth to a temperature of 212F, which is also the boiling point for the broth. Skewer the pieces of beef in a fork and cook in the broth for two minutes, or depending on how done you want them

Oil fondue

Instead of strips, you cut ½ to 1/4-inch cubes and skewer them. Then bring the oil to a temperature of 350F. Dip the meat in the hot oil for 30- 60 seconds depending on your preference.

  • b. Chicken

Chicken can also be enjoyed from either an oil or broth fondue.

Broth fondue

You can use either slices or cubes of chicken. Ensure that the slices are no thicker than ¼-inch, but if you settle on cubes, the maximum thickness should be ½-inch. Heat the broth to boiling (212F) and cook the skewered or forked chicken for at least two minutes, or until cooked. It’s custom to serve the fondue-cooked chicken with some broth.

Oil fondue

An oil fondue calls for chicken cubes (not slices). Ensure they’re within ¼ and ½-inch thick. Then heat the oil to 350F and cook the meat cubes in a skewer. Chicken fondue-cooked in oil goes well with dipping and sauces.

  • c. Pork

Pork is rather picky about how it can be cooked in a fondue. Although you could still make tasty thin strips of pork in a broth fondue, later, you’ll want to agree with me that cooking it in oil brings out the best flavor.

Oil fondue

A little fat in pork adds flavor. For this, leave a thin layer of fat when trimming the excess fat. You can make cubes as large as ¾-inch but you’ll need to ensure the meat is well cooked. The oil should be heated to 350F, and the skewered meat cooked for between 45 and 60 seconds, or until well done. You can then serve with sauces of your choice.

  • d. Seafood

seafood and fish are also great candidates for a meat fondue recipe. Seafood is rather delicate and thus suited for a broth fondue, while fish can be cooked either way. Crabs, lobsters, scallops, and shrimps are all great meats.

Cooking seafood/fish in a broth fondue

Make ¼-inch strips of the fish fillet. For other seafood, clean properly, and cut up to bite-size. Then bring the broth to a boil and cook the skewered meat. Fish will be well done in two minutes or so while the lobster will turn pink when done. Other seafood should be cooked till the opacity dies out.

Cooking fish in an oil fondue

The oil will be hotter than broth, so you can make ¾-inch, or ½-inch cubes and pieces respectively. Bring the oil to 350F and cook your fish in a skewer or fork for 60 seconds. Serve with favorite dip sauce.

Fondue recipe for meat Recipe

Just as I promised at the start, I am going to share one of my best fondue recipes for meat. We shall use oil in this case. Check it out below:


  • 2-3 cups of canola oil, or any other oil that doesn’t smoke easily
  • 2-3-pounds meat (chicken, beef, pork, fish, or seafood)
  • Salt, pepper, and spices


  1. Cut up the meat to the required even size cubes.
  2. Bring the oil to a temperature of 350F.
  3. Skewer the pieces of meat in your fondue fork(s)
  4. Season the meat with salt, peppers, and other spices if any.
  5. Dip the meat into the pot and cook for as long as the food is well cooked.
  6. Make six servings

What to serve with meat fondue?

Meat cooked in a fondue can either be enjoyed as is, or dipped in a sauce. You could even have another fondue pot for melting chocolate or cheese. You can also serve with vegetables or a salad.

Video on Fondue Recipe for Meat

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • How do you tenderize meat before fondue cooking?


Tenderize the meat by marinating in a salt + pepper + paprika powder + yogurt marinade. Let the meat stay soaked for at least 20 minutes in the fridge.

  • Can I cook beef and chicken in the same fondue pot?


Yes, if you’re using oil. For the broth, it’s better to stick to beef when cooking a beef fondue for example.

  • Can I cook meat before fondue?


Yes, in fact, boiling meat before fondue may be an excellent way of tenderizing it.

  • What is the best broth?


The best broth would be one that corresponds to the type of meat you want to cook. Do not cook chicken in beef broth.


The above fondue recipe for meat is a simple one and requires advance preparations. As you notice, you can bend this recipe to your will in terms of what you serve the meat with, and the seasonings. You should try this one if you haven’t cooked meat in a fondue before.

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