How to Tender Meat by Using a Meat Tenderizer

using a meat tenderizer

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Using a meat tenderizer is a fact now in this days. All around the world, tenderized meat have acceptance. After tenderizing a stack of meat it becomes soft, and even after cooking it becomes juicy. During cooking the exploitation of spice have balanced. This ensures the exact taste of the dish.

But I saw many people do over tendering or tender in the wrong way during thy tender the meat. It happens a lot, even experts also did this in their past life. Let’s break the ice and here we are going to present the proper way how we use a meat tenderizer. Here we will also learn some basic but important things what you should avoid during tenderize.

You Could Check popular meat tenderizers as I know.

The Proper way to use a Meat Tenderizer

Although any type of meat tenderizer is good for using, I like to use the hammer type one. Because it works when I want the semi-tenderizing even when I work tenderizing properly. And of course, you should have a chopping board, where we put the meat for tenderizing.

  • Meat processing: Selected meat for tenderizing should be fatless. Clean all the blood and unwanted things from the meat with fresh water. Then cut it in a medium-thin slice. That will ensure that when you will tender it then all the spice will be absorbed inside of the meat from either part.
  • Tenderizing: Keep a clean chopping board to tenderizing. I saw many people who smear the spices on the meat before tender it which is a wrong practice. Simply tender it with hammer or probe-type of tenderizer. Of course, it is important to tender either part of the meat. But beware during tenderizing from an excess stroke in the same place.
  • Marinating: From my sense, 50% test of tenderizing meat depends on proper tenderize. And the rest 50% test depends on the proper marinating. Make a paste with your desire spice powder. And smear it on the meat. Make a balance during smear it in every part of the meat. Keep it 15-20 and the meat will become ready to grill.

In the market, you will have some tenderizing powder in a different flavor. You can also use those during tenderize the meat. Those basically work as enzymes on the meat.

Keep the Tenderizing Hygienic

The first challenge after tenderizing the meat, to keep it hygienic. Because once it tenderizes it can be Infected by virus easily. Even
keeping tenderized mead away from cooking for a long time can change its taste. Let’s dig more inside to it to keep it hygienic.

Keep away from over tenderize: Not only people who tenderize meat for the first time but also there is some experienced person who does the same mistake. Even I did the same mistake that, tenderize the meat more than enough time. When people over tender it, all the inner juice and essential food value will come out. Moreover over tenderized meat can be affected by germs easily.

Don’t keep it in the fridge after tender: I saw many people who wanted to save their time in the morning. And that’s why they tenderize meat on previous night for next morning and keep it in the fridge. But from now you should Keep away from this practice. Because when you will bring it out from the fridge and keep it at normal temperature, it will ruin a huge percent of food value. At the same time, it makes hamper on the hygienic issue.

Cook as early as possible: This is another important thing most the people did not care. As long you time spend after tenderizing without cooking, it will be lost its realism. Even germs and another issue will have enough time to make an impact on it. so it is better to cook as soon after tender itself.

How to Clean the Tenderizer After Tenderizing

Cleaning the tenderizer is important for future use and keep it hygienic. Even it is also necessary to clean the tenderizer before and after using. Interestingly most of the time people only clean it after using where before cleaning have importance. I recommend a way to cleaning which you will use before and after using it.

Hammer tenderizer: Maybe one of the easy tasks in the kitchen is clean hammer type tenderizer. If there any old rust, then use a rust cleaning soap and metal scrubber. Don’t scrub it too hard, either it will make blunt the hammering end. If there will no rust then use normal soap and clean all Bloodshed manually. Even cleaning fat or oily things from the tenderizer are also important. Get a towel to dry it.

Press tenderizer: most of the press tenderizer has some physical point what is used to open it. During buy the machine ask the shopkeeper about those types of point. During cleaning open it up. Then put the probes part on soapy water. Then use a brush to clean inside the probes zone. After cleaning and reinstalling it may be going too hard to dry with a towel. That’s why it is better to keep it on air to get it dry.

Video Action Using a Meat Tenderizer

The Thing Should Avoid During Tenderizing

  • Excessive tenderizing: One of the Prohibited things is to avoid excessive tenderizing. It kills the food acceptance, hygienic and tastes as well as. Moreover enough tenderize meat will be juicy, and hygienic as well as.
  • Spicing before tenderizing: This is another common thing that people spicing meat before tendering. Moreover before spicing is nothing but a waste of spice where all of the spice will ruin during tenderizing. The best practice is put spice after tenderizing.
  • Tender on the surface: Most of the time in Butcher shop, they tenderize the mean in the surface which can pollute the meat with various type of unexpected particle and virus. A chopping board can be the best solution for this problem.
  • in meat, the bloodshed is the common thing. But you should clean it before tenderizing it. Rather it will go to the inside of meat
    during tenderizing.

In all around the world, there are thousands of recipe to cook meat after tenderize. But only consciousness can ensure the food value of tenderizing meat.

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