Ninja Blender Bl700 Review and Buying Guide

Ninja Blender Bl700 Review

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Are you smoothie lover?  Looking for an innovative blender that takes your comfort to next level?  Well, then you have come to the right place. Ninja Blender Bl700 Review will help to buy an appropriate smoothie blender that blender will be a notable item in your SMART kitchen. I think  This Ninja blender bl700 will be the best choice for you. We all very busy in the area of globalization. Nowadays time is the most valuable.

If a GREAT blender can save your time and effort, it’s pure comfort. That’s why this one from ninja will be the best choice for you. In a word, we will cover up some of the great benefit and specification of this blender. These top rated blenders comprise some awesome features such incredibly smooth, Maneuverability, reliable, compact design and overall customer satisfaction for these reels. So let’s have a look at what it offers.

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What Have in Ninja Blender Bl700 Review?

Ninja is always well-known for their top quality blender and food processor.  Rather than its excellent features, it is the perfect solution for your kitchen. This stylish good looking blender is so far one of the best food processors out there and the ninja is very concern about quality. This Ninja blender bl700 will not complete without mentioning its amazing features. Consequently, we have added the technical specification, uses and how to use and install it.  At the end of the reading of this article, you will get a deep insight into it. So let’s get started.

So what just ninja blender bl700 is?

This ninja blender has a patented and special technology which can blend plenty of food products in just a few seconds. In a word, this sharp blade can slice any food as you desire and need. It has already satisfied numerous customers. So let’s see some of the specifications what it offers.

  • Cord: 2 ft long
  • Pitcher-Capacity- 9 cups or 72 oz
  • Bowl Capacity: 5 cups or 40 oz.
  • Dimension: 16.8 x 10.5 x 14.9 inches
  • Power- 1100 W
  • BPA free

Overview of features of Ninja Blender Bl700

This Ninja Blender Bl700 Review will be incomplete without mentioning its awesome feature. As mention earlier, it’s an all in all kitchen solution with everything you need for processing food. However, here we will point out some of the noteworthy features of Ninja Blender Bl700.

The looks

Like all other Ninja product, This Ninja Kitchen System is extremely sleek and stylish. The combination of black and grey gives a very elegant look that allows decorating on any background, on an upscale bar or maybe family kitchen. So it’s a must-have accessory you should keep on your kitchen.


Being Crushing TM blades, it ensures crushing on high speed. The three speed on a single stem. So it can slice different foods according to your need. Three blades are Dough blade, Chopping blade, Blending. These blades are designed with the cyclonic motion which is great for slicing the numberless vegetable and fruits. So these three blades of the food processor will SATISFY  various food processing needs.


When it comes to safety, this blender is far better than the rest of the other food processor on the market. The pitcher comes with a lock in the locked position. As mention earlier, this blender has several uses. It can blend making the dough; puree vegetables crush ice and make soup, smoothies. It is surely a great relief for them who have children.

Thing we liked

  • This blender is pretty easy to clean.
  • It’s a three in one product.
  • It comes with satisfactory safety features.
  • More than anything, it’s an Eco-friendly product.

Things we disliked

  • It creates a disturbing noise.
  • The size is too big.

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What Are The Other Uses Of Ninja Blender Bl700?

This ninja blender bl700 is not just a blender. It’s an all in one gadget that can perform much more than a blender. On the other hand, it can save your kitchen space as it is a combination of a food processor, blender, and dough maker. Let’s dig into some of the dishes that can make by this ninja blender.

Chopping food– this ninja blender is a food processor. All you need is to stop the blender while the food reaches the exact consistency.

Blend– the huge pitch is just great for preparing soup and maybe all-time favorite smoothies for your family.

Puree– you can use this useful gadget for pureed potatoes, vegetables and fruits. Keep in mind that the food will be hot, but will be just fine after a few minutes.

Dough– Yes, not only practice it can make any dough hook. And if its cookie dough should use cookie addles.

Whip– whipping capability is more than awesome. Whipping cream and meringues are equally easy.

Tutorial on how to use and install

Haven’t used any blender yet? Well, don’t worry. This ninja blender bl700 reviews will not complete without mentioning how to use and install this blender. We hope you already beware of some great features and benefit this blender comes with. In this video, we will try to cover the process of use and install it. So check it out.

Alternative products

If you feel the Ninja blender bl700 couldn’t meet all your desire and expectations; then you can try some other blender in your budget. Hopefully, these will be useful for you.

  1. Hamilton Beach Smoothie Smart Blender:

Are you a smoothie’s lover?  Hamilton beach 56206 is a smoothies  Blender.  If you want something reasonable with top quality performance, then this one from Hamilton is the best choice for you. It’s a perfect blender for the one-touch smoothie. It comes with a classic design. More than anything, it has four functions of versatile use.

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  1. Ninja 4-in-1 Kitchen System, Blending, Processing & SpiralizingHamilton beach smoothie

When you are in a hurry and need a quick solution for kitchen, this Ninja 4-in-1 Kitchen System, Blending, and Processing & Spiralizing is best for you. Ninja is the most trustworthy market leader in the food processing industry.  And the best feature is it’s a 4-in-1 which is ahead of ninja bl700. But the important thing is you have to put some extra penny for this.

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  1. Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender

If you are ready to spend some extra penny for the quality, you can try Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender. It’s a five programmed setting blender to provide various kinds of works. The Vitamix never compromise on quality. They always maintain durability, power, and warranty.

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Some additional information

Ninja Bl700 Blender and Food Processor

Love to start your day with a yummy fruit smoothie?

No matter how busy you are, this blender makes your life easier. It’s not a just a blender, is also a great food processor. You can use it for all sorts of recipes sauces, crushed ice, smoothies, and liquids. It’s great fun to work with all the process. The 40 oz food processor bowl is great. In a word, it’s a great item you should keep in your kitchen.

What about Ninja bl700 single serve cups?

When it comes to capacity, Ninja bl700 is more than enough. The capacity of the blender is 9 cups. On the other hand, the bowl capacity of the food processor is 5 cups. So you can able to make plenty amount of foods or liquid at the same time which will save you effort and energy.

How is the ninja bl700 pitcher?

Well, there is some great positive feedback on ninja bl700 pitcher, people find it pretty handy. There is no need to worry about how to maintain or use this blender. The process to control is quite easy; you can easily utilize any mode. It is one of the well-reviewed products of ninja for its simple application. This one packs the serious punch. 1100 watts gives a full speed within a few seconds. So you can effectively be making the dough, crushing ice, chopping food easily.

As it’s a combination of different service, so it may take plenty of space. Honestly speaking, it’s the double than an average blender or juicer. Unfortunately, it creates an annoying noise while crushing ice. But other functions are quieter.

Where can I buy ninja bl700 blender?

Dude, wait a minute! If you already decide what to pick, you have missed a big part buddy. Here, we will discuss where you can buy ninja bl700 blender. Though there are several options where you can find this item, we recommend the most realizable Amazon site. It is the most trustworthy site and got enough most of the time.

Look On Video Ninja BL700 Kitchen System

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Wrapping up

In the end, we hope you have enjoyed a lot the Ninja blender bl700 review. It is one of our most liked blenders and food processor because it is flexible, great functionality as well as superb quality at an affordable price. But the only limitation is its noise.

However, the ninja is well-known across the whole United States by its high quality at a reasonable price. Honestly, it’s hard to find an all in one blender, if you are seeking something affordability as well as functionality in one.  We would like to recommend this Ninja blender bl700 for your kitchen accessories.

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