How do Anti Fatigue Mats Work

How do Anti fatigue mats work

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Standing requires more energy compared to sitting. When one stands for long periods in the kitchen, it is inevitable that fatigue will strike at some point. Not only will you feel tired but there is a risk of your overall body health. Complications like lower back pain, varicose veins, neck & leg pain and even circulatory problems may develop.

Well, did you know there is a mat that can ease all that fatigue? It is referred to as an Anti-fatigue mat that is specially cushioned to create a comfortable surface for a person standing on it. Whether working in a busy restaurant or laboring at a work station, this mat plays a vital role in improving your well-being.

In this article, you will learn more on these anti-fatigue mats, how they work, their benefits, and so much more. So let us begin!

Know the Fact How Anti Fatigue Mats Work

When standing, all your body weight concentrates on one position, with higher chances of a specific muscle carrying all the weight. The discomfort leaves you fatigued and worsens when standing on a hard floor. These anti-fatigue mats work by providing a soft surface that promotes micro-movements in the calf and leg muscles.

The mats are designed to make the human body to have sway that keeps you slightly off-balance, meaning that you keep adjusting your feet constantly other than being in one position. These micro-movements are unnoticeable but they play a crucial role in promoting blood circulation.

Anti-fatigue mats keep your venous pumps active. That way, your blood is pumped back to the heart other than pooling in your lower limbs, which is usually the main cause of back pains. There is also reduced tension on your shoulders and neck and reduced pressure that causes back pain.

In addition to all that, anti-fatigue mats provide a warm surface that relaxes your body. This is unlike with a hard, cold floor that lowers your body temperatures. Lower temperatures mean your heart has more work of warming you up and that leads to a feeling of fatigue.

Benefits of an Anti Fatigue mat

Anti-fatigue mats are growing popular in many homes and workplaces. Now that you understand how the mats work, lets us look at the benefits we reap from using it. There are numerous advantages these mats give. They include:

1. Increased productivity

An uncomfortable working environment is the perfect recipe for poor performance. If you are uncomfortable, you start concentrating on how you are feeling, which distracts your productivity.It also consumes a lot of energy, that drains you the power of producing perfect results in your work station.

Not only will an anti-fatigue mat improve your well-being but also increase production of a company.It is necessary to invest in an anti-fatigue mat for your employees.

2. Decreased risk of slipping

Slips and falls are common in workplaces and homes and happen if there are waters spills on the floor like when doing your dishes. Most anti-fatigue mats are designed with a non-slip material, usually featuring a ribbed surface. So when standing, there is less likelihood of tripping, slipping and falling.

3. Staying clear of muscle and joint pains

Standing on the floor stiffens your joints leading to pains on the shoulder and neck area. The pain leads to head tensions that lead to headaches that may affect your working ability. The anti-fatigue mats are cushioned under your feet reducing the body pressure so with it, you will worry less of those frequent headaches.

4. Reduces circulatory problems

When in a standing position, blood tends to flow freely than when in a sitting position.  When in a still position, the heart does a greater job to ensure that blood is evenly distributed throughout your body. The tough job done by the heart makes the veins to be under high pressure.

The anti-fatigue mat creates unseen movements that reduce pressure on your veins, leaving your muscles and veins relaxed and with fewer circulatory problems.

5. Maintaining good posture

The pressure exerted on joints is usually a lot, demanding some support during the standing periods. The anti-fatigue mat ensures you make some movements when standing on the mat, creating even weight distribution on both feet.

If working on a standing desk, ensure you don’t slouch over to operate a computer. The computer and the chair should be at a comfortable height.

What one Should Know Before Purchasing an Anti-Fatigue mat?

Before hitting the stores for an anti-fatigue mat, there are several things that you should have back in your mind. They are:

  • i) The mats’ thickness does matter

You will want to check on the thickness of an anti-fatigue mat. A thin one might not provide much support for you. The sponge-like mats might also not be so good. Check out for a ½ ” to ¾ ” anti-fatigue mat for excellent performance.

  • ii) You will need comfortable shoes on an anti-fatigue mat

Having shoes that support you well on the mat is crucial. The shoe should have supportive arches, supported heal or cushioned bottom. You definitely do not expect the mat to work as it would if you aren’t willing to wear shoes that make your feet feel uncomfortable.

  • iii) Don’t stand on the mat for the whole day

Shifting weights on your legs isn’t all there is to do. You can try to change positions after every one and a half hours. You can get a break and sit for a while or just have a walk.

  • iv) There is a right mat and a wrong one

You might go to a store and ask for a kitchen mat and end up being directed to skid mats. The anti-skid mats may be designed to prevent slips and falls but they don’t qualify to be anti-fatigue mats.

  • v) You will notice changes a few days after using the mat

been experiencing will ease instantly. In a few days of using it, you will be free of the backaches, the neck pain, the headaches etc. The mat might not work effectively in some cases if the mat is of low quality.

If the pains don’t subside even after investing in a high quality mat, then there might be some underlying condition that should be checked by a doctor.

Are anti-fatigue mats worth it?


Standing for long can cause health complications, swollen feet and even makes the heart pump faster. The anti-fatigue mat helps alleviate all that and increases even your productivity, thanks to the comfort it provides.

Frequently asked questions(FAQS)

  • Where should an anti-fatigue mat be used?


Almost all working areas can benefit from this mat. From waiting stations, laboratories, shipping and packing, service desks, food service counters, kitchen. Name them all!

  • What’s the best material for an anti-fatigue mat?


There are different types of materials that may have an impact on their performance. Majority of them are made from rubber, PVC(vinyl) and polyurethane.

  • Where should an anti-fatigue mat be used?


Almost all working areas can benefit from this mat. From waiting stations, laboratories, shipping and packing, service desks, food service counters, kitchen. Name them all!

  • Rubber:

Rubber mats come in two types that are: styrene-butadiene and nitrile. The nitrile is much better than PVC and polyurethane, especially in industrial environments. It boasts of:

  • High resistance to slipping
  • Cannot be degraded by oil or grease and several chemicals.
  • It is safe to be used in welding and grinding.
  • Resistant to bacteria
  • PVC(Vinyl):

This material is of lesser value compared to rubber and polyurethane. It is however more resistant to environmental elements. Unlike the rubber mats, these Vinyl mats can create unsafe conditions as they are susceptible to ripping, cracking at the edges. They might also have poor non-slip resistance.

  • Polyurethane:

This is the most expensive materials of all, but it offers excellent comfort and durability. It offers a solution for slightly damp floors, oily environments etc. it also boasts of being resistant to heat to up to 400 degrees.

The anti-fatigue mat material you choose will depend with the environment you want to use it in.


The anti-fatigue mats really work well to ensure you are productive and that your overall health is superb. Busy restaurants can invest in these mats to ensure that their chefs prepare those gourmet meals.

Note also that these mats do not work effectively by themselves. You need to be in comfortable shoes and invest in a high-quality anti-fatigue mat to get the best results.

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