How to use a Food Processor? Step by Step Guideline.

How to use a Food Processor Properly

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A food processor is a magical appliance that completely transforms the way you prepare your meals. Whether working on the fiddly jobs like pureeing, grating, or slicing, the food processor will help you slice, blend your food with consistency. You will save lots of time if you understand how to properly use a food processor.

You, however, do not need to feel intimidated as the processor comes with several accessories. With time, you can learn how to attach and remove them with ease. It will also be easier to decide which accessory to reach for based on your recipe. I have compiled this article to help you learn how to use a food processor. Read on to understand more….

The Procedure of Using a Food Processor

Food processors are great versatile machines if you have the knowledge on how to use them. It is actually one of the reigning kitchen appliances in the kitchen due to its ability to work quickly. Here Is how to use this machine:

i) Assembling the Food Processor

Different food processor brands come in different designs. The majority of the models can, however, be assembled in the same way. You will need to secure the plastic bowl to the electrical base unit and slide the blade into place. Next, you will wiggle and shake the bowl to ensure that everything is securely fixed.

ii) Selecting the Blades

Food processors are fitted with different blades. They include:

  • The S-Shaped Blade

This blade is the most common and the most versatile one. It sits at the bottom of a bowl and is ideal for mixing, blending, pureeing, etc.

Here is how to sharpen food processor blades.

  • The Shredding Disc? Grater Attachment

This attachment sits at the top part of a processor bowl. Food can be fed through a tube in the lid. Your food is shredded as the blades turn, and they fall on the bowl. It’s best for shredding your vegetables or grating cheese.

  • The Slicing Disc

Quite similar to the shredding disk, the slicing one sits at the top of a processor bowl. It is usually connected to a long plastic blade mount. You feed ingredients through the tube within the lid. It’s mostly used to slice vegetables, fruits, or potatoes into circular pieces.

  • Dough Blade

This blade sits at the bottom of a food processor and is plastic made. It is most common in high-end food processors. It can be used to knead your pizza dough, bread dough, or even your pie dough.

You can then select the blade you need to use and place it in the bowl and prepare to start working on your recipe. You should note that the machine’s design effectively does the knife work for you and prevents danger when operating it. The blades are extremely sharp, so you should be cautious when replacing blades or even cleaning them.

iii) Toss Your Ingredients

Place your desired ingredients into the plastic bowl. Some recipes may require you to toss everything at once instead of adding one at a time.

  • The large ingredients must be chopped into smaller pieces before throwing them inside the bowl.
  • If you are working with liquids, ensure it does not exceed the fill line to prevent overflowing your food processor.
  • The advanced ones are very easy to operate
  • The hot ingredients should be cooled to room temperatures before being tossed in the processor.

You can then go ahead and close the processors’ lid.

iv) Turn the Food Processor on

Having closed the processor lid to secure your food, you can turn on the food processor. If you find your processor does not run, the problem could be a loosely closed lid. Check to ensure it is tightly closed. You will see two buttons, “run” and “pulse,” that enable you to chop food at different rates on the processor.

  • The “run” button is perfect for pureeing and fine chopping as it runs the blade continuously.
  •  On the other hand, the “pulse” button runs while you are pressing the button.

It’s easier to control your ingredients’ texture with this button due to the press and release functionality.

If you find more than two buttons on your processor, you should refer to the manufacturers for instructions.

v) Adding Additional ingredients

Some processors have a tube where you can add additional ingredients for a continuous feed in your processor. You should turn off the machine for those with no tubes and remove the lid to add more ingredients.

vi) Turn off the Processor.

Once you are finished with the processor, you can turn it off, remove the lid and unlock the bowl.

vii) Clean up the Processor

The next step is to pour your ingredients into a bowl or a container. Next, take apart the food processor for washing. You can put all other parts in water except the motor base, which should be wiped with a paper towel or a damp cloth. Let the parts dry before reassembling them to prevent rusting.

Related Topic:

Ways you can use Your Food Processor.

There are several ways I enjoy using my food processor, and in no time, I devour the most delicious dishes and salads.  You can try these:

  • Grinding Meat

it feels much safer grinding meat on a food processor. You can cut them into whole pieces, toss them in the freezer till the edges stiffen, and then into the processor. Grind till they are coarsely ground and prepare awesomely sweet meatballs.

  • Grinding Whole Grains to Flour

Save few bucks by grinding your dietary needs flours at the comfort of your home. Works well with small batches of flour.

  • Chopping Nuts

Skip the annoying chopping of nuts by hand and try with a processor. It is much easier, faster and the processor gets them ready without creating a mess.

  • Shredding Cheese and Potatoes

Get shredded cheese in a matter of seconds for your toppings. Craving some potato flakes? You can use the processor to shred them instantly.

  • Making Bread Crumbs

Instead of throwing away stale bread, why not throw it in the processor and forget ever buying bread crumbs. The processor can crush your bread into little particles with ease. You can add some herbs for seasoning.

  • Ice Cream

did you know you can make ice cream with your processor? First, you’ll freeze your base in a freezer bag; after fully frozen, toss in the processor until creamy and smooth. You can add your favorite flavor like peanuts, butter, or chocolate to give it that unique taste.

  • Make Homemade Hummus

Hummus is a creamy bean dip famous in Mediterranean cuisine. Add your hummus ingredients to the processor and run it till a smooth mixture is attained. Transfer your hummus into a serving bowl and serve with chopped vegetables, olives, and crackers. You can consider using this recipe:

  • 80 grams cooked chickpeas
  • 11/2 tablespoon lemon juice
  • I garlic clove
  • ½ teaspoon black pepper
  • 3 tablespoons virgin olive oil
  • 3 tablespoons tahini
  • Make a nut Butter

You can prepare fresh nut butter in your food processors. You will need to add your favorite nuts like macadamia, cashews, hazel, pecans, pistachios, etc. They can either be raw or roasted. Next, run the blender till the nuts are chopped to a fine powder.

Add unflavored oil, e.g., sunflower oil, and mix till you achieve a smooth, creamy butter. Once ready, transfer it to a jar and refrigerate it.

  • Making Sauce, Dips

Dressings involve too much chopping, mincing, and dicing, and the food processor is great at that.  You can whip out a refreshing salsa in just a press on the processor.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQS)

  • Are food processors worth the money?

Answer: A food processor is an excellent investment in your kitchen. They make healthy recipes convenient. A food processor is an economical way to make delicious meals at your home instead of ordering take away every other time.

  • What can substitute a food processor?

Answer: Some other tools, like a hand grater or a knife, can do the chopping. A mandolin can also handle the slicing. If you are a baker, you can try using a mixer to make your dough. A blender can make juices and sauces.


By now, you can prepare all your recipes with this darling machine- the food processor. You can enjoy a healthy dish without having to order out. I wish you all the best as you try new recipes.

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