How To Use Kitchen Mama Can Opener

How To Use Kitchen Mama Can Opener

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Many people are discovering the need for a kitchen mama can opener at home. It plays an amazing role in opening cans in your kitchen. But, the fear of not knowing how to use it ideally may limit one from buying. Glad that you are here, this article has outlined a number of steps on how to use kitchen mama can opener. Read it to the end to allow you to operate it efficiently.

4 Tips on How to Use Kitchen Mama Can Opener

Amazingly, it is super easy to use a kitchen mama can opener. The only secret to this is knowing how it operates. The product has features that save you a lot of time while using it. The kitchen mama can opener enables you to open your cans safely. Hence, it is a plus in your kitchen. But how do you use it? Take a look.

Insert the batteries

The number one essential thing you need to do when starting to use the opener is insert the batteries. Do this by opening the battery panel and then installing the batteries. You will find the panel at the top of the opener and under the switch. You will access the place by sliding off with only a little pressure.

Something worth knowing is that the kitchen mama can opener uses four AA alkaline batteries. You will find a diagram at the batteries slot showing you the right way to insert the batteries properly. Now, your opener is ready to serve its purpose.

Place the kitchen mama can opener on the can

When you are sure your kitchen mama can opener has the right batteries and is working, this is the following step. Please do this by setting the opener on the can top and then trying it at the center. Then, insert the can edge between the metal gear and the blade on the can opener. At this point, holding the can opener is not a must. You can proceed by releasing the opener once it is properly situated at the can top.

Press the button

With your kitchen mama can opener in place, it is ready to activate. At this point, please press the button located at the top of the device and turn it on. Afterward, watch it as it spins around the can and cut the top. When you are sure the opener has circled the top of the can entirely, turn the device off by repressing the button. Here, you need to remove it from the can.

Remove the can top

When the above step is successful, what follows is to remove the can’s lid quickly and safely. Gladly, this is a safe kitchen mama can opener because it prevents sharp edges. Hence, you should not fear or worry about cutting yourself on the lid. That way, your can is open, and you can resume your cooking task.

What to do if the kitchen mama can opener stops working

Like any other device, even a kitchen mama can opener may stop working. Should you throw it away? Amazingly, you are here. Below is an outline of how you can fix the issue. Stay tuned.

You cannot just wake up and decide that your kitchen mama can opener is not working. You must have tried to use it severally and ensured it is not. One way to do so is by pressing the button and reversing the opener’s direction to release its grip on the can. Some of the reasons that can make your kitchen mama can opener not work, and their solution is as follows.

Improper placement of the opener on the can: Please place your opener on the can properly can to make it work. To ensure that the kitchen mama can opener latch on the can perfectly, take your time to ensure that they can’s edge is between the dent cylindrical blade and the metal gear.

Depleted batteries: If the kitchen mama can opener is slow or does not release the lid, it is the right time to replace its batteries. One of the best ways to be assured that the can opener is not working is by replacing the batteries with a new ones.

Cans with deeper grooves of smaller-sized cans:  The use of kitchen mama can opener on smaller cans than the regular-sized cans makes them not work. When you try opening such cans with your opener, you realize it does not lock on the first try.

 For the purpose of balancing matters, the opener may tend not to fall off the rim on the can top and fail to stay on. If this takes place, place the opener on the can top and lift the bottom end gently for a number of seconds as you press the start button. Doing this allows the gear and the blade to grab the can.

How to Use The Best Kitchen Mama Can Opener

In the market, there are countless kitchen mama can openers. Hence, choosing the right one can be tricky. But, because you have decided to buy one for your needs, here are some tips you need to consider before making purchases.


Kitchen mama can openers are available in two major categories: electric and manual can openers.

Electric can opener

This is a fantastic kitchen mama can opener that does a lot of work. It is easy to use. You need to attach it to your can and start it up. The device will do magic. Note that this one is bigger than the manual one. Thus, it will take up more of your kitchen space.

If your kitchen has limited space, it is worth going for the one you can mount under the cabinets or attach to the wall.

Manual kitchen mama can opener

This one does not need electricity to work. Furthermore, you can use it without batteries. And because it does not use electricity when working, the device can fit in your kitchen drawer. The opener requires a lot of gripping effort and strength for it to work.


As discussed above, you don’t want to struggle using the kitchen mama can opener. That is why you need to look for one that is user-friendly. The functionality of kitchen mama can openers tends to differ dependent on the type. However, most of the manual and electric openers feature non-slip handles, making it easier for you to hold them.

The electric kitchen mama can openers have powerful, sharp blades and motors to allow better and smooth cutting. While choosing a perfect kitchen mama can opener that will last longer and work efficiently, look for one with carbon stainless steel cutting blades.


Some kitchen mama can openers are good at cutting open cans alongside their lids. Some even work well in sharpening knives, cutting bags and opening bottles. This is amazing as you will only pay for one instead of buying many more.  Furthermore, it saves space you could have otherwise used to store the extra tools.


When buying a kitchen mama can opener, think of hygiene. Choose an opener with a magnetic lid lifter or a lever. This will ensure the lid does not fall into your can as it is cut. When done this way, it allows you to remove the lid void of making your hands dirty.

It is worth buying a kitchen mama can opener with parts you can easily reach.  Go for one with a built-in lever for removing the blades. Such an opener gives you a guarantee of easy cleanup.


The traditional can openers leave a rough and sharp edge on the can after cutting it. In general, this is dangerous. Gladly, the new models give you a safe and smooth edge. The openers are suitable for use by kids and older adults.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does the kitchen mama can opener take to open a can?

The time taken by a kitchen mama can opener to open a can depends on the size of the can and the material it is made from. Furthermore, the time to open the can depends on the batteries’ strength. You realize a new kitchen mama can open with fresh batteries used on a standard-sized and is likely to have it open in less than a minute.

Does the kitchen mama can opener automatically stop?

The kitchen mama can opener does not stop automatically. You have to push the button so that it can stop. Failure to do that will keep cutting in the same spot. Typically, this can be dangerous and might adversely affect your food. Besides, it is going to drain the batteries of your can opener much fast.

Does a kitchen mama can opener have a magnet?

A kitchen mama can opener features a small magnet to pull the lid off so you can do it quickly. But, the magnet only sometimes grabs the lid. Thus, you should remove it manually. You will come across some cans with tight vacuum-like seals too strong for the kitchen mama’s magnet.

What can shapes and sizes will the kitchen mama can opener work on?

Gladly, a kitchen mama can opener works on almost any shape and size can. The opener opens standard-sized cans, one-gallon cans, to larger ones. Also, it can handle any can share that you throw to it. But beer and soda cans are excluded.

Can you replace the blade on a kitchen mama can opener?

Unfortunately, the kitchen mama can opener blades are irreplaceable. For the purpose of creating a sturdy design, these blades tend to be built in a way you cannot replace them. Thus, be aware that if the blade is damaged, you have no other option but to replace the whole opener.

Do I need to sharpen the blade on my kitchen mama can opener?

The blade present on the kitchen mama can opener does not require to be re-sharpened. If you use the device properly, the blade will remain sharp. To use the opener properly, ensure you only use it for things it is meant for. Don’t use the opener for things like pain cans or non-kitchen items. This is because they are made from thicker metals the opener has not been designed to open.

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