How to Build A Kitchen Island With Cabinets ?

Kitchen Island With Cabinets

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In my first issue, I will present how to build a kitchen Island with cabinets.  Lets we start our journey.

The kitchen island has become the must-have feature for new kitchens and for those updating their kitchens.

These days kitchen islands come in all sizes and designs to suit any home. The kitchen island is placed in the center of the kitchen and becomes the focal point for food preparation by adding workspace. It makes the kitchen a more social place where the family can gather around. Kitchen islands come in various sizes from small to oversized that can even function as a dining table for the whole family.

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Make A Kitchen Island With Cabinets as Modern Kitchen.

I wanted to find out more about the kitchen island designs and what you should consider if you are thinking of building a new kitchen or renovating your existing space. Firstly the kitchen island does not come in a standard size or shape. You may think of the kitchen island as a rectangle, most are but do not need to be. They can have rounded edges, they can be L shaped, U shaped or practically any shape that will fit into the center of the kitchen. So as you are not limited by standard designs, you can use your creativity to design the kitchen island that fits best into your kitchen.

One of the questions that you can think about is what function you want your kitchen island to perform. Most kitchen islands are used for extra workspace and for food preparation. But if you have room, they can double as a casual or even semi-formal eating location.

If you have limited room, you could round off the edges of the island and use it as a breakfast bar. If you have a little more room, you can extend the island further than you need for preparing food and have space for a family of four or five. The ultimate kitchen island if you have space is to install two, one for food and one for eating.

Think Your Kitchen

Once you have decided on the function of the kitchen, you can think about what features you want it to have. These days kitchen islands can have an amazing range of features built right into them. The most obvious features are drawers and cabinets, to give you extra storage space. Another idea is to use the space under the island for your kitchen appliances, such as the dishwasher and even refrigerator drawers. Depending on the space and if you plan to have people eating at the island, you can have cooking facilities built-in, although you need to think ahead on this one to make sure it will be safe.

The kitchen island has proven to be an essential feature in today’s modern kitchen.

Not only do they complement the kitchen’s overall design, but they serve as a food prep area, a workspace, and a dining table. The kitchen island design can vary depending on the size and style of the kitchen. While kitchen islands add to the aesthetics of the kitchen, it’s versatile and multi-functional aspects are also important factors in deciding which kitchen island design to choose.

Countertop Space

Deciding on the need for the countertop space is very important in determining size. If having a dining area is one of the main purposes of the space, then a multi-level kitchen island design can be beneficial. The higher level can have stools or chairs for seating, while the lower level can function as a cooking and serving area. The countertop can also extend beyond the base to allow face-to-face seating. The countertop dimensions can be dependent on whether space is going to be used to prepare food or operate as a work zone.

Storage and Cabinets

Determining the inventory that needs storing in the kitchen island with cabinets can be a factor in choosing the size and type of cabinets or shelves that are needed. Cabinet and shelf styles can come in various forms. Drawers with handles, open shelves, cabinets with drawers, and cabinets with shelves are popular choices. To optimize space, an organizer can be added to the island and function as a spice rack and cooking utensil holder. Wire baskets can also be installed underneath the island to tuck away dishcloths and potholders. Three-tier pull-out stations designed into the side of the island can slide out dishes and glasses with ease.

Appliances and Accessories

There are many things to add to the kitchen island design to make life easier. Appliances can be built into the island as well as extra accessories. A wall-mounted paper towel holder can be hooked to the side of the kitchen island for easy access. For additional workspace, rolling carts can fit underneath and slide out when necessary. A range, sink, dishwasher, and microwave can also be installed in a kitchen island. When choosing a range for a cooktop island, a downdraft venting system or an island ventilation hood that vents up through the ceiling is used. The sink in the island can be the main sink or serve as a secondary sink. Plumbing and electrical features should be thoroughly planned out when choosing to have appliances within the island.

Countertop Designs

Island countertops can vary in texture, size, and cost. Granite is a very popular countertop design. It is a hard, natural, speckled stone that ranges from black to white. The granite is sealed to resist damage and is great for water absorption. A marble countertop is very durable and is resistant to heat. Laminate is an affordable and versatile option for countertops. It comes in a variety of patterns and colors. Solid surface countertops have a smooth surface and are very easy to clean. Butcher-block countertops vary in grain patterns and color. It has a thick, tough surface and retains its quality for years. Wood countertops are natural protectors from bacterial build-up. They are long-lasting and easy to refurbish.

Designs and Trends in Kitchen Islands

Kitchen island designs can come in many different themes and styles to enhance the overall appearance of the kitchen. Depending on if your kitchen is L, U, or G shaped will help determine the design style and space needed for the island. Traditional kitchen islands can come in natural oak with wood countertops, while a contemporary or modern kitchen can feature cherry wood cabinetry, stainless steel appliances, and granite countertops. Some popular trends in kitchen island designs include the country kitchen, French kitchen, Italian kitchen, and the all-white kitchen. Dual Islands are increasing in demand as they provide a separation of space and they compliment as well as contrast each other. One island can be used for food prep, while the other island can be used for placing platters of food for entertaining guests. The mobile island is the preferred choice for flexibility. It can be moved around as needed to create more space in the kitchen.

A Place to Come Together

In many homes, the kitchen is the major relaxation area to cook, eat or just to socialize. The kitchen island becomes the main focal point. Everyone gathers around the island to congregate and catch up on the day’s happenings.

The popular dual islands are the perfect choice for two cooks who want separate cooking spaces. It can also be used as extra space when more table space is needed for entertaining large crowds. Kitchen islands can also be used in Al Fresco kitchens, where parties can be held outdoors.

The outdoor kitchen island can be installed with all the necessities, including a grill, side burners, and an outdoor mini-refrigerator.

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