The 8 Best Bagel Slicers Reviewed and Buying Guide 2022

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You want to serve your family with perfectly sliced bagels, but you do not want to injure your hands with bagel knives as you’ve probably done in the past. Well, here is the solution to your needs! Get one of the best bagel slicers in the industry and enjoy serving bagel to your family.

A bagel slicer is a very handy tool for your kitchen, which comes with an integrated blade. The blade slices your bagel into smooth halves and helps you avoid the common injuries you may incur if you used a normal kitchen knife.

Most bagel slicers in the market have an ergonomic handle and a protective transparent cover over the blade. The result of using such a bagel slicer is a hygienic, smooth and safe slicing process for your bagel.

At a Glance 7 Best Bagel Slicers

I listed here 8 excellent bagel slicers for a glance shows.  You can check here bagel cutter prices, customers reviews, and other information.

Photo Title Buy
Hoan Bagel Guillotine...image Hoan the Original Bagel Guill
Hoan The Original...image Hoan the Original Bagel Slicer
Hoan The Original...image Hoan the Original Guillotine Slicer white
OXO Good Grips...image OXO Good Grips V-Blade Mandoline Slicer
MSC International 12614...image MSC International Bagel Slicer
Hometown Bagel Knife...image Urban Trend Hometown Bagel Knife
Sweet Home Bee...image Sweet Home Bee Bagel Slicer

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What Is a Bagel Slicer?

A bagel slicer is one of those convenient tools that are a must-have in your kitchen. If your family enjoys their homemade burgers, you need to have a high quality bagel slicer to help you slice your bagel.

A bagel slicer is a kitchen appliance with integrated blades and a very comfortable handle to help you slice your bagel into smooth slices. Most bagel slicers in the market have beautiful designs to fit in your kitchen appliances blend and are portable. They are also easy to use, meaning that with the right guidance from the user’s manual, anybody in the family can safely use the bagel slicer.

A bagel slicer looks more like those French Revolutionary bagel guillotines but ironically, it is the tool that would save you from slicing your fingers when trying to cut bagels. If you have had one of those nasty experiences with a kitchen knife, then you know how efficient it would be to have one of these tools.

8 Best Bagel Slicer Reviews

As mentioned at the start, you do not have to suffer injuries in the kitchen when the market offers quality options within your reach. For your information, there’s no need of leaving your couch in search of the ideal bagel slicer. Here is a list of 8 best bagel slicers we have sampled for you:

1. Hoan the Original Bagel Guillotine Universal Slicer

Hoan universal slicer comes ready to work! Hoan is a company that has been in existence since 1994. It is a renowned company that produces the best bagel slicers since time immemorial. With the Bagel Guillotine, you can slice your bagels safely and effortlessly.

This manual slicer can be used for different types of rolls. You can use it to slice up other pastries. Versatility is an attribute we all like and this bagel slicer will not disappoint. Therefore, if you want to slice your muffins, buns and all sizes of rolls, Hoan is your go-to slicer. The Hoan bagel guillotine slicer will allow you to slice bagels safely and hassle free.

Safety is a priority at Hoan Company. The manufacturers of this slicer had your safety in mind when they designed it. It is designed in such a way that it keeps your hands out of any potential harm. The cradle holds the roll while the safety shield made of acrylic keeps your fingers away from the piercing blade.

Hoan bagel slicer comes with precision ground serrated edges. In addition to the cutting edge is a non stick Xylan – coated blade. These features ensure that all the cuts are smooth. The material used also lasts for a long without wearing out. When you get this best bagel slicer, you no longer need to worry about uneven cuts.

Today’s Price on Amazon

Notable Features: 

  • It weighs 1.5 pounds.
  • Its dimensions are; 7.12” by 3.88” by 9.25”
  • Slicer comes with a built in safety shield.
  • Serrated edges and non stick xylan coated blade.


  • Sturdy.
  • Easy to use.
  • Giftable.
  • Value for money.
  • Durable.


  • After years of use the plastic degrades.
  • The blade is blunt.

2. Hoan the Original Bagel Guillotine Universal Slicer, 9.25 Inch, Red

If you are looking for the best bagel cutter, Hoan 9.25 inch slicer fits the bill. This slicer is made from premium material guaranteed to last you for years. The blade is mad from carbon steel while the handle is made from plastic. Hoan will ensure that all your bagels are cut up well without any mess.

This bagel cutter is multipurpose slicer. It can be used to cut up other kinds of pastries like rolls. When you get this perfect addition to your kitchen, you will be able to explore new recipes that call for sliced pastries.

Who wants uneven- cut bagels? Not me!  Hoan have made it their business to deliver high-end products that meet the desires of their clients in this regard, their universal slicers have non stick Xylan coated blade and ground serrated edges. Messy and uneven cut buns will be a thing of the past.

Built in safety shield is a function that every slicer should have. This Hoan bagel slicer is the best bagel cutter because it has a designated area for the bagel and the hand.

Today’s Price on Amazon

Notable Features: 

  • It is made from plastic and carbon steel.
  • Dimensions of the slicer are: 7.12” by 3.88” by 9.25”
  • Lifetime limited warranty.
  • Non – stick Xylan – coated blade.


  • Easy to use.
  • Sturdy.
  • Great value for money.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Durable.


  • Plastic shedding is visible after prolonged period of use.
  • Blade needs to be sharpened to avoid bluntness.

3. Hoan the Original Bagel Slicer

If you are looking to buy the best bagel slicer for home use, Hoan will be a good buy. This bagel slicer comes in an award – winning design that will be a perfect addition to your kitchen. Hoan have made it their priority to manufacture slicers that make the work easy for you. You will no longer have uneven cut bagels with this slicer in your home.

Safety is a priority at Hoan. This slicer is engineered for safety and performance. A cradle is used to hold the bagel in place while the two safety shields made of acrylic keep your fingers away from the blade. The patented blade does a good job at slicing. You can explore your kitchen prowess by slicing buns, bagels, muffins and rolls using this slicer.

Even though this bagel guillotine by Hoan is a great slicer, there are some precautions you should follow to get the most out of it. The manufacturers have given some recommendations that you want to know about before making a purchase. Never use your slicer to slice froze or stale bagels. When you do this, the blade becomes dull.

Experts recommend you to let the bagels thaw or slice before freezing. As for steamy bagels, let them cool before slicing to avoid squashing. When you use your slicer to cut up flavored bagels, be sure to clean the entire residue.

Today’s Price on Amazon

Notable Features: 

  • It weighs 1.5 pounds.
  • The dimensions of the slicer are: 7.12 by 3.87 by 9.25
  • It comes with an acrylic safety shield.
  • Xylem coated blade.
  • Dishwasher safe, top rack only.


  • Sturdy.
  • Lightweight.
  • Giftable.
  • High quality material.
  • Long lasting.


  • Sometimes bagels get compressed.
  • The blade dislodges from the centre.

4. Hoan the Original Guillotine Slicer White

Hoan is a guillotine slicer that helps you slice your bagels effortlessly. It is designed to make your work easier with safety in mind. It keeps your hands away from any slicing harm that can occur during the process of slicing your bagels.

If you want to cut your bagel, place it in the slot allocated for pastries and push down the blade. When you do that, you will get a neatly sliced bagel. Easy, right?

This slicer is guaranteed to last for long. It is made from premium quality metal. The blade is also non-stick as it is coated with xylan.

 This is one of the best bagel cutters in the market because it can be used to slice different sizes of bread. Since it is versatile, you can use it to cut muffins, buns and croissants

Today’s Price on Amazon

Notable Features: 

  • It weighs 1.32 pounds.
  • Its dimensions are: 7.13” by 3.88” by 9.25”
  • It is available in different colors.


  • Durable.
  • Giftable.
  • Easy to use.
  • Sturdy.
  • Value for money.


  • Bagel occasionally forces blade off the center.
  • The plastic begins to come off after prolonged use.

5. OXO Good Grips V- Blade Mandoline Slicer

OXO is a reputable brand that is known for manufacturing high quality products for home use and this bagel slicer is no exception. OXO Good grips mandolin slicer is a versatile. It comes with a v-shape blade that is made from stainless steel. You can use it to slice your bagels, vegetables or soft fruits.

This slicer has straight and wavy blades to allow you to us them interchangeably. It also locks when closed and folds its feet to allow for storage. The food holder holds food securely in place and prevents it from stickling.

This is the best small bagel cutter you will find. It can be adjusted in any of the four thickness settings available. You can choose between 1.5mm, 3mm, 4.5mm and 6mm. when you buy this toaster, you will improve your kitchen expertise because you can use it to prep different meals apart from slicing up your bagels.

Today’s Price on Amazon

Notable Features: 

  • It can be adjusted to any of the four thickness settings available
  • It weighs 2.5 pounds.
  • It has straight and wavy blades
  • It comes with a food holder and safety guards of your fingers.
  • safety guards


  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Easy to store.
  • Easy to use.
  • Versatile.
  • Easy to clean.


  • It is not easy to switch the blades.
  • It retains food stains.

6. MSC International Bagel Slicer

The MSC International bagel slicer is a must have for every kitchen. It is manufactured by MSC International, accompany that has your interests at heart. This slicer is carefully designed to help you slice your bagels without struggling.

You use this bagel slicer to guide the knife on where to cut. It is ideal for parents who want their kids to learn how to cut their own bagels evenly.

Ease of use is guaranteed with this MSC international bagel slicer. Simply put your bagel in the slicer and use a knife to cut the bagel as outlined by the slicer. You can use it to slice different kinds of bread with different widths.

This bagel slicer was constructed to help you keep your fingers safe while you slice up your bagels. In this regard, it is carefully constructed to hold the bagel n place while you cut it. Place the bagel in the middle of MSC and use a knife to slice it into two halves.

Today’s Price on Amazon

Notable Features: 

  • It weighs 0.3 pounds.
  • Measures 4 by 5 by 2 inches.
  • Green in color.


  • Giftable.
  • Sturdy.
  • Value for money.
  • Easy to clean.


  • It does not last for long.
  • It acquires knife marks after prolonged use.

7. Urban Trend Hometown Bagel Knife

If you are looking for the best quality bagel slicer, Hometown Bagel Knife is the ultimate choice. Hometown bagel knife comes ready for work! It is made from stainless steel with a plastic handle. This knife will make your bagel slicing experience effortless and safe. The plastic handle is designed to keep your fingers and palm safe from any form of injury while you work.

Hometown bagel slice comes with a premium quality serrated knife. The material used to manufacture this knife is food safe. All the plastic and stainless steel used is approved by the food grade standards. Therefore, you do not need to worry about your safety when you get this knife.

Unlike guillotine slicers and other bread slicing machines, this bagel knife is easy to store. It fits nicely in a drawer, utensil holder or countertop. Since it is small, it takes up a small space in the kitchen. You can put it away when not in use to reduce clutter.

We all love kitchen accessories that are versatile. This bagel knife can also be used to cut up other types of pastries. You can use it to slice croissants, biscuits, bagels, dinner rolls, muffins and English muffins.

Today’s Price on Amazon

Notable Features: 

  • It is made from stainless steel and plastic.
  • It is made from food grade material.
  • It weighs 8 0unces.
  • Ergonomic handle.
  • Protective blade cover.
  • Its dimensions are: 14” by 2.5” by 2.5”


  • Easy to clean.
  • Durable.
  • Ergonomic.
  • Sturdy.


  • It does not cut bagels evenly.
  • It can cut your fingers when cleaning.

8. Sweet Home Bee Bagel Slicer

Sweet Home Bee is one of the best quality bagel slicers in the market. It is designed to make bagel slicing quick and simple. If you love bagels and find bagel-cutting difficult, then Sweet Home Bee have designed this slicer meant for you.

It is made from stainless steel and comes with a non- stick blade so you can cut to your slices with the least worries!

Are you looking to gift your friend or relative a gadget that will make their life in the kitchen easier? Well, this Sweet Home Bee Bagel Slicer is a thoughtful present for people who love bagels. It will help them save time and they will always have you in mind every time they slice their bagels.

Functionality and versatility are guaranteed when you get this Guillotine slicer. Besides being one of the best kitchen accessories, it can also be used to cut other pastries including bread, buns, muffins and much more. Sweet Home Bee slicer also comes in a compact design that makes storage easier.

You can cut up your bagels without worrying about cutting your fingers thanks to the safe and firm grip. Sweet Home Bee offer lifetime customer satisfaction guarantee for this bagel slicer.

Today’s Price on Amazon

Notable Features: 

  • Premium stainless steel is used to make this slicer.
  • It weighs 1.35 pounds.
  • Manually operated.
  • Non – stick Xylan – coated blade.
  • Its dimensions are 7 by 3.7 by 9 inches.


  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Lightweight.
  • Durable.
  • Sturdy.
  • Easy to clean.


  • It does not hold extra large bagels.
  • It does not cut through the lower edges

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How Does a Bagel Slicer Work?

A bagel slicer is so easy to use that you will immediately ditch your kitchen knife and get yourself one of the best bagel slicers in the market. Most bagel slicers are designed to cut both small and large bagels with great precision.

You only need to pull on the handle place a bagel into the base of the slicer and push the handle down to cut the bagel. Voila! You have sliced your bagel so effortlessly and precisely!

Factors to Consider Before Buying Bagel Slicer

Before you get yourself a bagel slicer, you need to consider its appropriateness for your needs. These factors will help you get the best bagel slicer in the market and value for your money.


One of the reasons why you want to buy a bagel slicer is to assure yourself safety when cutting your bagel and pastries. You have probably cut your fingers before when using a kitchen knife for your slices. You must always prioritize your safety when using kitchen gadgets and the bagel slicer is no different.

Pick a bagel slicer with workable safety features. Choose one that has minimal contact with sharp edges to ensure that your fingers don’t get hurt in the process. Buy a bagel slicer with shields aroundthe blades so they only cut on the bagel and not your hands.

Do not take chances with your safety while looking for convenience in your kitchen. Remember, you are not the only person who might need to use the bagel slicer in your home. Buy a brand that is safe to use for everyone in the house to get the best out of your bagel slicer.


There is nothing as inconveniencing and disappointing as feeling pain after using a gadget. After all, machines are supposed to make work easier and make processes more bearable, not vice versa.

The design of your preferred bagel slicer will determine how enjoyable it is going to be when you use it.  You do not want to end up with blisters on your palms because the handle is too rough, or the levers won’t move without applying excess force.

Consider the design of the handle and the base, and evaluate how comfortable it is to handle. How comfortable is the grip on the handle? How stable is the base of the bagel slicer? Do you have difficulty trying to keep it steady?

How easy is it to remove the blade? If you have a positive answer to all these questions, then you have found the most appropriate bagel slicer. Be sure to get value for your money by choosing a bagel slicer with the best ergonomic features.


You would not want to buy a bagel slicer than store it away because you cannot find its spare parts, or it just won’t function as you expected it to. A bagel slicer that cannot slice bagels and other pastries is a waste of money and time. 

The style of the blade is one of the features you should look at to determine the functionality of the bagel slice you choose.

Serrated edges are better than straight ones for cutting bagels because they give your bagel a  smooth cut. Before you buy that bagel cutter, check if it is challenging to manipulate. The handle and the blades are supposed to move swiftly without using excess force. If you have to use extra energy to get the bagel slicer to work, then it is not right for you.

You also need to research the availability of spare parts for your preferred bagel slicer. If you want your bagel slicer to serve you for a long time, you need to know where to get the spare parts whenever you need them.

For instance, if the handle of your bagel slicer came off, would you know how to replace it? Would you get a replacement immediately? What if the blades become blunt, would you get a replacement as soon as you would like? Buy from brands that can link you with spare parts for your bagel slicer whenever you need them.

Be sure to get a bagel slicer that is easy to use because after all, you are looking for an easier alternative to cutting your bagels and pastries.

Easy To Clean

The easiest and best way to clean your kitchen appliances is by using a dishwasher. Be sure to get a bagel slicer that is dishwasher friendly because you want to be sure that you save as much time and other resources as possible.

If you use a bagel slicer often, be sure to buy one that can be dish-washed. You also do not want to hurt your fingers as you try to clean the blades, and they can be very sharp!

Be careful when using a dishwasher to clean your bagel slicer. Place it in the right compartment so you do not damage your slicer. The bottom shelf of the dishwasher is usually the most heated, but consult your bagel slicer user’s manual to know which compartment is most appropriate for your slicer.

If you prefer to handwash your slicer, then make sure you get one with easily removable blades. Be sure that the bagel slicer you buy is not prone to stains and a simple wash with warm soapy water would remove all the dirt.


Bagel slicers in the market come in different materials such as plastic, wooden and stainless steel. Plastic is an ideal choice because it is easy to clean and might be relatively cheaper. However, a plastic bagel slicer could also crack or melt if exposed to too much heat.

Wood is also an ideal choice of material for your bagel slicer.  It is strong and would not break or crack easily. However, you need to keep the parts well-oiled and dry your slicer immediately after washing so that it does not start to crack. If your bagel slicer gets molds, it may not be ideal to use because it could compromise the safety guards of your food.

Stainless steel stands out as the most reliable material for a nice bagel slicer. Stainless steel is a low conductor of heat and can withstand different temperatures. It is also less reactive with food and does not wear off quickly.

You might have to pay a little more for a stainless steel bagel slicer, but then, you will have gotten quality for your money. 

How To Slice A Bagel Evenly

Even though you are using a bagel slicer to cut your bagel, you need to ensure that you cut it evenly for the best results. Ensure that you place your bagel smack on the base of the bagel slicer and that the blade is directed right at the middle of your bagel. 

This way, your bagel will be cut into two halves, giving you a nice and smooth bagel.

What Is The Best Bagel Slicer?

Before you buy yourself a bagel slicer, be sure to identify the best bagel slicer depending on your needs. There are two types of bagel slicers that have excellent qualities, depending on what you are looking for.

The first type is the special bagel knife. This is a multipurpose slicer tool that is specifically designed to cut bagels, muffins, bread, and pastries. The blade is well placed between two plastic handles and is very safe to use, easy to use you might want to get this type is if you are looking for a simple-to-use model.

The second type is the special bagel slicer which is shaped like a French revolutionary guillotine. The blades on this slicer are well designed to cut your bagel into two. The distinguishing feature of this bagel slicer is that it has a transparent cover that protects you from injuries when using the tool.  Multipurpose bagel slicer is always an ideal bagel slicer.

This tool also has a bagel holder which will hold your bagel into place when you cut it. It also acts as a safety guarantee for your fingers when you use the tool.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Can the bagel slicer be cleaned in the dishwasher?


A: Yes, you can wash your bagel slicer in a dishwasher. You can also soak it in the sink for an easy clean up especially if you had used to cut fruity bagels. Just be sure to be keen when washing it so the blades do not slice your fingers.

  • Can bagel slicers be adjusted to the different bagel sizes?


A: The simple design on most bagel slicers in the market allows you to adjust it according to the size of your bagel. You can set them at whatever size depending on the features of your preferred model and get an even cut on your bagel every time you cut them.

  • Where can you buy bagel slicers?


A: You can buy a bagel slicer from your local household items store, or buy it online from sellers such as Amazon and other platforms.

  • Can you replace bagel slicer blades?


A: Most bagel slicers in the market allow you to replace your bagel slicer blades once it is worn out. This is an amazing feature because you won’t have to buy a new slicer every time yours gets worn out.

  • How do you cut a bagel safely?


A: Lift the handle of your bagel slicer. Ensure that your bagel is appropriately placed and held at the base of your bagel slicer. Push down the handle and voila! You have a perfectly sliced bagel.


If you like making nice meals and snacks at home, or you just want convenience when you decide to fix yourself something in the kitchen, then the bagel slicer is one of the tools is one of the items you cannot continue not having.

A great bagel slicer will cut your bagel, bread, muffins, and pastry so perfectly that you will never miss using a kitchen knife again.

A bagel slicer may look like a guillotine but it is one of the safest gadgets to use in the kitchen. Once you place your bagel at the base of the slicer, you will have a smooth bagel, and the best thing is, you will not have made a mess on your kitchen counter. Get yours today!

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